Research Paper: Alcibiades, Hero or Zero

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[. . .] Alcibiades' dealings with Tisaphernes also contributed to emphasizing the love he felt for Athens.

3. Alcibiades certainly brought reform to the idea of politics and he was a clever military tactician. He was effective in his thinking because he was able to understand when it was right to ally particular groups and when it was right to protect his interests.

4. Even with the fact that history as a whole fails to emphasize the important role he played in world history, Alcibiades was certainly a hero when considering his concern in protecting Athens. Even after the Athenians had acted in disagreement with his thinking and banished him he was still able to acknowledge the fact that Athens was his home and eventually made it possible for his countrymen to survive a series of battles.

It is only safe to say that Alcibiades was the victim of circumstance as he constantly came across individuals who were unnerved with his power and intellect. These people focused on removing his influence and in most cases managed to influence others in thinking that it was wrong for them to trust the Greek hero. Their influence can still be observed today when considering that many historians provide conflicting ideas with regard to the man's true nature.

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