Alcohol Abuse Is a Condition Essay

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As stated above the prognosis for this case is good given the information that we have. The patient should be amenable to education and should be motivated to change; however, if we find that we are faced with a frank dependence syndrome and encounter resistance we can alter the format our plan slightly and be more firm in our education and recommendations. The goal is to work with the patient's needs (better health, need to contribute and learn) and her capabilities (intelligence and desire to improve) in order to assist her to make a healthy lifestyle choice. Successful treatment in helping patients reduce behaviors that can lead to complications with health often involves a gentle combination of education and direction (Heyman, 1996). An approach that would rely on confrontation and make the patient feel belittled most likely would not be fruitful in this case because as far as we know there are no pending legal or occupational concerns with this patient's drinking. However, if during the education phase we find that there are such issues with the patient we can use them as leverage and alter the strategy to a more persuasively vigorous approach.


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TOPIC: Essay on Alcohol Abuse Is a Condition Assignment

Heyman, G.M. (1996). Resolving the contradictions of addiction. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 19, (4),… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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