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For example, in many countries that have lower rates of binge drinking than the United States, children have sips of wine with dinner or learn how to drink in moderation by the time they are teenagers. This moderation approach prevents what some call the "forbidden fruit" mentality. A forbidden fruit mentality means that the person who is denied alcohol as a "forbidden fruit" will be more likely to binge on that substance because it has added allure. This is what seems to be happening in the United States, where the cultural norms and laws against alcohol are too strict and prevent people from learning healthy drinking behaviors. If drinking in moderation has been proven to be healthy, then shouldn't researchers and policy makers be focusing on changing the law so that Americans learn healthy drinking behaviors rather than banning alcohol altogether? From personal experience, I know that learning moderate drinking behaviors as a child can help a person develop healthy attitudes toward alcohol as an adult.

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Therefore, I realized quickly that my subject was still very broad, and also that I had not yet developed my thesis statement. The thesis statement in this case will connect the problems I addressed in the beginning (which are the short- and long-term effects of alcohol use) with a proposed solution. The solution to the problem will be in the realm of public health and will be related to the encouragement of moderate drinking via a relaxed approach to alcohol laws. My working thesis became: In order to reduce the instances of binge drinking and unhealthy drinking behaviors, it is important to encourage drinking in moderation.

Term Paper on Alcohol I Began My Research Assignment

Because alcohol and binge drinking are public health concerns, it makes sense to focus on a public solution. Education is the key. The social norms surrounding drinking will not change overnight, but it might be possible to change behaviors by reducing the "forbidden fruit" phenomenon. Therefore, I suggest that we teach children in schools about healthy drinking customs in other cultures. Using European cultures as one example, we can show how wine and beer are integral to the society and are considered to be like food substances. We can focus on how families do not hide wine and beer like they do in the United States, and so children can grow up thinking that wine and beer are normal beverages. Like candy and chocolate, they can be consumed in moderation, but too much consumption does lead to problems. Moderation is the key to solving the public health problem of drinking, and I hope to discover evidence to support my thesis as I complete my research paper.


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