Alcohol Disease Term Paper

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Alcoholism as a Disease

Throughout many parts of the world, alcoholic consumption is often a part of social gathering like picnics, graduations, sporting events, and many more. Alcohol consumption is a risky behavior because of health and social situations caused by intoxicating, toxic, and dependence-producing entity (World Health Organization, 2011). People who drink a large amount of alcohol are susceptible to chronic illnesses over a number of years; the use of alcohol is also related to an increased risk of acute health conditions, such as bodily injuries, including traffic accidents (World Health Organization, 2011). The World Health Organization (WHO) states that "the harmful use of alcohol results in 2.5 million deaths each year, 320,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 29 die from alcohol related causes, alcohol is the world's third largest risk factor for disease burden, and alcohol is associated with many serious social and developmental issues, including violence, child neglect and abuse, and absenteeism in the workplace (World Health Organization, 2011)."

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The WHO also reports that "harmful drinking is a major determinant for neuropsychiatric disorders, such as alcohol use disorders and epilepsy and other noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cirrhosis of the liver and various cancers" and "the harmful use of alcohol is also associated with several infectious diseases like HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections" because alcohol consumption weakens the immune system and creates and negative effect to a person's antiretroviral treatment (2011). In 2004 the WHO stated that "harmful use of alcohol was estimated to cause about 2.25 million premature deaths worldwide and be responsible for 4.5% of the global disease burden" and "harmful use of alcohol also contributes to disparities in health between and within countries, and, at a personal level, to poverty and social withdrawal (2011)."

Term Paper on Alcohol Disease Assignment

The topic that has been chosen for the argumentative research paper is alcoholism and whether it is a disease or not. Many health and psychological experts believe that alcoholism is a mixture of both genetic and environmental factors. The belief is that the genes that influence the metabolism of alcohol are influential in the risk of an individual becoming an alcoholic (Tatiana, Edenberg, & Crabbe, 2010). People who have a genetic disposition to alcoholism have a better opportunity to start drinking at a younger age (Tatiana, Edenberg, & Crabbe, 2010). When drinking begins at a younger age, the chances of becoming an alcoholic rapidly increases (Tatiana, Edenberg, & Crabbe, 2010). With plenty of research available about alcoholism and whether it is a disease or not, this is a well thought out argument for a research paper.

Choice of Topic:

The topic of alcoholism as a disease is one in which is near and dear to my heart. Several of my family members are dealing with alcoholism on a daily basis; this has caused an intrinsic motivation to learn more about alcoholism. From my personal experiences dealing with family members coping with alcoholism, it is apparent that alcoholism is more of a crippling disease rather than a social malfunction. In my opinion, there is no way in which an individual would want to have this disease, but unfortunately many people in society do not treat it like a disease. I myself have been currently attending alcoholics-anonymous meetings as a way to help me deal with the daily issues of this dreaded disease. In my argumentative research, my goal is to persuade others to see alcoholism as a disease and not as a social stigma.

Personal Knowledge about this Topic:

Alcoholism is a disease ripping my family apart. Many relatives are currently struggling with alcoholism, including many immediate relations. Many family functions are filled with alcoholic beverages, and more often than not family members become so intoxicated that they start arguments over petty details. Family members have had issues coping with the effects of being an alcoholic that includes the loss of jobs and disputes that have led to police involvement.

My knowledge about alcoholism has improved vastly since beginning alcoholics-anonymous. Alcoholics-anonymous have explained that alcohol affects the nervous system as a depressant causing feeling of activity, anxiety, inhibitions, and tension. It only takes a few drinks to change behavior, slow motor skills, and the ability to think clearly. Alcoholics-anonymous has also shared symptoms of alcoholism including abdominal pain, confusion, drinking alone, making excuses to drink, nausea, vomiting, shaking, numbness, tingling, hostility, and violent behavior. Many experts believe that psychological factors that contribute to alcoholism are relief of anxiety, conflicts in relationships, depression, and low self-esteem; social factors would be access to obtaining alcohol, peer pressure, social acceptance of alcoholic use, and a stressful lifestyle (Survey, 2005).

Refute or Defend the Claim and Reasons Why

As a researcher, it is inevitable that there is a need to take a pro (defend) or con (refute) on an argumentative or persuasive issue. Arguments should take the time to study both sides and consider the points and counter-points to each. A common mistake many writers, especially inexperienced ones, often make is that they only present one side of the argument. This is a misrepresentation of the strengths of the opposing views; often this can be considered "shading" an argument.

In this case, the issue is alcoholism and whether or not it is a disease. I plan on taking the pro-side and defending the claim that alcoholism is a disease, as nobody in their right mind would choose to have an alcohol problem, as they would also not choose to have cancer. My personal belief is that alcoholism is a disease and should be treated that in that manner. I will also study and present counterpoints from the con side because it is up to me as researcher (writer) to try and present both sides of the argument.

Where will research be available on this topic?

The idea of alcoholism being a disease is a topic that generates much debate; thus there will be a wide range of research available. This topic is everywhere in the social media, even more recently with celebrities in the news and on the Internet. For this research the Edison state library will provide that database for the research. The types of places in which the materials will be found is with primary sources such as books, referenced professional works, academic journal articles, professional magazine articles, newspaper articles, government publications, and professional conference proceedings. Secondary sources that may be helpful are reputable web pages, and online journals and magazines.

Primary sources are well recognized in the academic communities and thus are recognized as having top level currency and criteria as a source. Currency in evaluating sources would delve into the realm of where they were obtained from. There is a level of currency and criteria in scholarly book and journals that may not be the same as certain sources on the Internet. This works with any subject, if a writer wants to use a source of highest credentials it is important to find subject matter experts in that field.

When performing research on alcohol being a disease there are two specific ways in how this is done. The first way is quantitative research, which is a method that collects numeric data through measurements of well defined variables, answers research questions that list variable to be examined and delve into the differences or relationships of these variables, hypothesis specific relationships between variables, and the most common designs are experimental, quasi-experimental, survey, and correlation. The second way is through qualitative research that consists of textual data, used when variables cannot be studied numerically, answer exploratory research questions, and the most common types are case study and ethnography.

Rationale for conducting Research:

Research Process: Selecting problem, literature review, and specific hypothesis defined, design methods, collect and analyze data, interpreting the results.

Ways to Collecting Data:

Surveys- collect… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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