Alcoholism Is an Addiction Not a Disease Term Paper

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¶ … alcoholism is an addiction, not a disease and as such should be treated accordingly by all involved medical personnel as well as government entities and groups who are interested in assisting the individuals affected by this addiction. Some experts have even shown how various and differing drugs and behaviors can modify the amount of alcohol consumption (at least in rodents).

In view of the reinforcing properties of alcohol, it is relevant to consider behavioural studies involving alcohol self-administration in rodents and primates. Low doses of morphine have been found to increase, and higher doses of the opiate to decrease, alcohol consumption." (Herz 1997-page 99)

This study would lead the reader to believe that if medical assistance in the form of drugs can help in slowing or cessation of alcohol consumption, would this not mean that the alcohol consumption itself was not a disease, but rather an addiction that can be overcome?

Other scientific studies have shown that different areas of the brain are affected by alcohol consumption that increases the desire for said consumption, and that these areas of the brain are again affected by different drugs that tend to lower the desire for alcohol.

This is supported by imaging studies showing that in drug abusers studied during protracted withdrawal, the orbitofrontal cortex is hypoactive in proportion to the levels of dopamine D2 receptors in the striatum." (Volkow 2000-page 318)

The study showed that the orbitofrontal cortex can be manipulated with the use of drugs in order to activate or deactivate the desire for alcohol.

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Such studies as this one would show evidence that alcohol consumption and over-consumption on a regular basis is more of an addiction that can be controlled (albeit with drugs) rather than a disease that must be cured.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Alcoholism Is an Addiction Not a Disease Assignment

Other studies have also concentrated on the prefrontal cortex as well which is where many of the behavioral autonomy and self-control in an individual originates… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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