Alcoholism Group Conflict Situation Book Report

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Alcoholism is unique in its abuse. Unlike, many other substances, alcohol have the unique ability to manifest both the best and worst abilities within an individual. A brief look at history proves this point. Edgar Allen Poe wrote "The Raven" one of his most influential literary pieces under the influence of liquor. James Whitcomb Riley has written his best literary works while drinking alcohol. Even the great author wrote best when he was intoxicated. For ever great work however, there have been thousands of destroyed lives due to alcoholism. Many men have destroyed themselves due to this substance, with many more yet to succumb to its influence. It is therefore prudent to understand the nature of alcoholism as it relates to conflict. During my conversations with individuals who have dealt with the disease, a common thread often arises. A lack of control over thoughts, desires, and emotions, initially believed to be subdued, eventually destroy the individual. This lack of control often engulfs the individual with an intense desire for alcohol which ultimately manifests itself in addiction (Boyt, 2012).

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Alcoholism is very pervasive illness in the lives of many. Its influence is far reaching and can destroy relationships and family bonds. As such, many books, publications and organizations were established to abate the influence of alcoholism in the daily lives of individuals. One such organization is a.A. This organization helps to develop productive members of society free from the tyranny of alcoholism. Many of this group's publication have formed the basis for rehab programs around the country. I personally had the opportunity to discuss an individual named Bill's disease.

Book Report on Alcoholism Group Conflict Situation Assignment

Bills story illustrates beautifully how alcoholism has far reaching effects. Alcohol can literally affect all areas of an individual's life. Traditionally, most individuals are accustomed to alcoholism. In a traditional sense, individuals lose self-control and ultimately go to rehab for corrective action. Although this occurred in Bills story, the actual repercussions of the alcoholism were far reaching. For one, the alcoholism occurred irrespective of social economical status. Bill was both wealthy and poor, yet his behaviors in regards to alcoholism were identical. Bill was a wealthy wall street executive as well as a poor farmer with lofty aspirations. During both periods however, he exhibited very similar behaviors in regards to his drinking. This behavior eventually spread its influences within Bills personal life. Many of his friends and family members were effected by has excessive use of alcohol. Bill's wife in particular was affected by his deteriorating health and financial status. Employers lost confidence in Bills outstanding analytical abilities, friends lost confidence in his ability to retain a job, and his family became impatient with his excuses. Due primarily to alcohol, Bill's personal and professional life were severely compromised (Dunn, 1999)

Another perspective I had received from my discussion with Bill was that of behavior. No matter, how strong an individual's desire may be, results will ultimately come from behaviors. Society often thinks that alcoholics can simply make a conscious decision to stop drinking, and all their problems will be solved through sheer will. In reality however, it is the behaviors and its subsequent reinforcement that makes the difference. Bill was often overconfident in his ability to overcome alcoholism. He was very successful due in part to this confidence. In fact, Bills career on Wall Street was predicated on confidence. He had to be sure his particular stock selections were correct. He had to also counter any of the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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