Alternative Approach to Computerized Tomography Article Review

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One is that it actually summarized the findings of literature from a fairly lengthy time period -- there are references to certain applications dating back to the 1980s. In this respect the article was extremely comprehensive in its scope, although perhaps it may have been better suited focusing on more contemporary applications. Still, for the variety of knowledge it covered and the degree of insight it shed, it is certainly an excellent starting point for research into this field, and helps to synthesize the various points of relevance of the other articles explicated within this assignment.

Bruised witness: Bernard Spilsbury and the performance of early twentieth-century English forensic pathology

Author(s): Burney, I., Pemberton, N.

Journal: Medical History

Publication Information: 2011, 55, 41-60.

Publisher Information:

Introduction: The purpose of this article is to provide a cursory history of the method of English forensic pathology employed in the early part of the 20th century. The authors do so within the larger context of contrasting the notion of a celebrated forensic pathologist with the concept of conventional forensic pathology within a laboratory. It essentially reenacts the homicide investigation of a famed murder trial. There is no hypothesis, research question or sample. I reviewed this article because it is fascinating to see how far the science of forensic pathology has come.

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Abstract: This article provides a thorough review of an early 20th century murder investigation in England to denote the key concept of putrefaction and celebrity status of forensic pathologists that was relevant at the time.

TOPIC: Article Review on Alternative Approach to Computerized Tomography Assignment

Analysis and Synthesis: There are several principle ideas deconstructed within this article. One is the way that fame and celebrity status of a forensic pathologist can affect a murder trial, and the overarching view of this practice and profession. Another is the nature of this process, specifically the impact of the natural decay of the human body (once deceased) on the work of a forensic pathologist. Additionally, this article examines the evolution of the practice of forensic pathology from one based on the individual to one based on a process (which is more scientific than the former). In this respect, this work functions as a check for forensic pathologists and that for the profession in general. Individuals should never consider themselves more valuable than the process of this practice, and should make no assumptions. Finally, this article emphasizes the inherent dangers in this field related to convicting innocent people.

Implications: This article was highly enjoyable, not the least because of how well it was written with astute vocabulary and sentence structure compelling throughout its duration. Although there was no new research conducted, this article is extremely valuable for the history it provides regarding the field of forensic pathology and its evolution to today's methods, which are highly scientific and seem much more precise. The article was not flawed in any way, and actually could serve quite convincingly as a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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