Alternative Assessment Spec ED Article Review

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¶ … Giftedness is an intellectual ability that is significantly higher than average, not a skill, but an innate talent and aptitude that may be general or specific. Just as there are special needs for children who appear on the left side of the bell curve, so should there be for children on the far right. However, these students are often neglected in terms of special programing due to beliefs that they can just do "extra work" within a mainstreamed environment. From the 1920s to the 1970s, the trend in Western countries was to set up special schools to educate those who fell outside the norms of the bell curve, but by the 1980s most educators favored merging special and regular education in a comprehensive program that included students from all backgrounds -- in other words, mainstreaming them into a regular classroom environment. This idea, though, must also fit within the cultural precedents of the time; educators must respond to the needs of the nation and public education remains responsible for meeting the needs of all students in society. -- Stories abound regarding very bright people who were told by their teachers that they were "stupid," or "unteachable." Einstein, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Louis Pasteur, and more. Because gifted children are able to compensate so well, often they have learning issues that remain hidden and/or undiagnosed. Typically, though, general behavior characteristics for the gifted include: learning to read and comprehend earlier; a desire to read widely and manifest robust vocabularies; learn basic skills with less practice; are more sensitive to non-verbal clues; and want to go beyond the what, into the how and why (Winner, 1996).

Article Review on Alternative Assessment Spec ED Assignment

Because giftedness is not always easy to verify since it is not simply scores on standardized tests, but a combination of learning styles, cognitive development, and acumen, one of the interesting research questions is how a child's ethnic background may have an effect on a teacher referral into a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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