Alzheimer's Treatment Term Paper

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Alzheimer's Treatment

Alzheimer disease is a ubiquitous form of dementia which is common among the elderly people. The person's abilities in undertaking his normal daily activities are affected by this disorder of the brain. This condition starts slowly where the parts of the brain controlling the memory thought and language are involved. It manifests itself from the initial forgetfulness of minor duties to the actual display of aggression and depression. There is no cure currently for this Alzheimer but the behavioral and cognitive symptoms can be treated by various drugs and other non-drugs forms. This paper will consider the different treatment for Alzheimer. Different medications and nutrition and other remedy like neurotransmitters will be analyzed. Various case studies of the treatments will be evaluated also.

Alzheimer medication

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One of the widely used drugs for treatment of Alzheimer disease is Aricept which is an inhibitor of cholinesterase. Acetylcholine breakdown is stopped by cholinesterase inhibitors and it is a useful chemical for memory and other functions of the brain. The acetylcholine level is increased by these medications types. The deficiency of acetylcholine is observed in some brain areas in the Alzheimer disease and this explains some of the disease symptoms. The slowing of acetylcholine is the major purpose of Aricept. It is also useful for the treatment of Alzheimer for all the disease stages. Although it does not cure Alzheimer, there have been notable improvements on the mental functions. It has some mild side effects including vomiting, nausea, insomnia, fatigue, and weight loss (Standard Treatment, 2009).

Term Paper on Alzheimer's Treatment Assignment

The other medication is the Razadyne and Exelon which was formerly known as Reminly. The mechanism here is acetylcholine breakdown inhibition. Their effectiveness is realized when administered during the Alzheimer disease early stages. Their side effects are also similar to those of Aricept. From a study, thirteen elderly patients who died from the use of the drug led to the inclusion of the information in the label when it changed to Reminly's. Stroke and heart attack are some of the causes associated with these deaths (Doody, 2005, p.17).

Namenda is another medication prescribed for mild to severe forms of Alzheimer disease. It uses a different working mechanism unlike other treatments for Alzheimer where it regulates glutamate, a type of chemical component and therefore plays a protective function. In memory and learning functions, Glutamate plays this role by allowing some chemicals of the brain to enter the nerve cells of the brain for instance calcium which is useful in information storage while preventing other chemicals to enter. The activity of glutamate is regulated by Namenda because too much glutamate is fired off by the brain cells of people with Alzheimer. Therefore the ability of the brain in memory retrieval and information processing can be improved. Combining this drug with Exelon, Aricept or Razadyne there can be manifested improved benefit.

Not all medication prescribed for Alzheimer disease treatments have significant effect on the cognitive performance of the patient. A study to evaluate the efficacy of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) in treatment of Alzheimer disease whereby a randomized control group using placebo was used in the double blind study. There was a randomized treatment of 58 subjects who were treated for six months using placebo or DHEA 50 mg taken twice a day. The principal efficacy was to evaluate the cognitive performance. For… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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