Ambulatory Care Unit Designing Term Paper

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[. . .] Therefore, I will work as a hands-on person being present readily in the field when the time needs me to show my skills. As the manager, I will be in the field, working with my staff in delivering the services expected by the clients. Working in the nursing profession is demanding; thus, the staff will need constant motivation to remain focused. Therefore, in my working station, as the manager, I will exemplify the working expected of the nurses and their conduct in the work place.

Moreover, there is the attribute of effective communication within the working environment, with the staff and clients. Communication is an essential feature in the accomplishment of any form of service of work. An organization that does not have quality and effective communication structure has minimal chances of success. Communication is an element that cuts across all directions and dimensions. Therefore, in this realization, I intend to grow and establish open communication practice within the organization. Communication will allow the cohesive working and relations between the workers and leadership, and the workers and clients. As the manager, I understand that my communication with my staff will determine the relationship I will establish with them. I intent to incorporate them in all the necessary decision making processes and allow them to express their opinions on matters of work within their stipulations freely. I will foster effective communication for a better development of the society and the community, as when the nurses adopt the culture of open and effective communication, the clients will get quality care and service. This way, the success of the organization will increase due to the effective communication established.

Caring for the staff is another attribute that an effective manager exhibits in his or her line of duty. This means that the manager worries about the well-being of the workers and does what is necessary to ensure that the life of every worker is smooth and running. A happy staff means easier work for every manager as the staff is motivated to deliver quality services as the duty expects them. The connection between a relation of staff and manager keeps the organization on toes towards achieving its objectives. The development of the ambulatory care unit bases on this principle of a happy staff and delivering service. Nursing practice is demanding and withdrawing a lot from the personnel; therefore, as the manager of my unit organization, I will seek to get new ideas for my staff. These will include ideas such as possible opportunities for them to improve their skills and incentives among many other forms of ideas. Therefore, the organization will seek such ideas constantly for the nurses to improve their skills and remain happy.

Attitude is key in the success of any activity that a person or group undertakes. Most managers overlook this attribute as it centers on the personal feelings and views of the individual concerned. However, a manager who understands the essence of a positive attitude in every work undertaken by a staff will most likely invest in developing the attitude of the staff (Niemcryk, Joshua-Gotlib & Levine, 2005). As the manager in my organization, I realize the significance of this essential element of success. I intend to work towards empowering every staff member that they can achieve anything provided they focus to the goals. Success comes in handy with the attitude that a person exhibits in their hard work. Hard work cannot bear the best fruits if the attitude employed in the course of working is not right. As the manager of my organization, I intend to establish a team that has the right attitude towards work. Nursing and healthcare is a critical area of operation and requires keenness, and as such, the attitude of the staff has to be right for the staff to deliver quality services. I will seek to establish this attitude within the staff in my organization. Lastly, as the manager, I will include an attribute of passion and knowledge in the management of the care unit. Nursing as a profession requires selfless service without consideration of personal gains. Therefore, to manage the organization effectively, I will continue growing the passion I have for service to the needy as well as, building the same passion and knowledge in my staff. With these attributes of a manager, I will manage the ambulatory care unit accordingly.

Strategies to empower staff members

The management of the staff is crucial in implementing and executing the mission, vision and objectives of the organization. I will be operating with the staff in the care unit to share my attributes as a manager to ensure their empowerment to facilitate their working. In the organizational setting, there are structures and strategies that I will employ to empower the staff working in the care unit. Such measures of empowering the staff will center on the professional development of the staff and motivational empowerment (Mangione-Smith, DeCristofaro, Setodji, Keesey, Klein, Adams & McGlynn, 2007). The organization will have quality programs and procedures that will facilitate the development of staff. The first development towards empowering the staff is a personal-based empowerment. The personal-based empowerment will follow through on merit, with those interested undergoing the cross examination to determine the best-fit person for that task. As the personal empowerment plan for the personnel in the care unit is that of establishing leadership quality in the organization. The leadership will provide and facilitate professional training and meetings to ensure that the individuals get quality improvement packages. The packages aim to ensure that the staffs mature from the time they get in the organization to the time they are working.

Power empowerment through quality and sufficient programs of training for the organizational staff will grow the organization towards the extension of the ambulatory care unit. It is notable that personal empowerment intends to grow the nurse; hence, the nurses will develop quality skills for the growth of the institution and the people themselves. Additionally, the other empowerment strategy that the organization will employ is that of team empowerment. A team consists of many elements yet the work together in conjunction. A team is; therefore, a very attractive strategy of staff improvement plans. The organization will establish a team working character, in which the personnel will develop their personal skills to work as a team. The organization will continue digging through the life of individualism and establish a working culture of teamwork. Therefore, to empower my staff, I will encourage active teamwork, which will be on the sector of management as every staff member will be a good manager on their own. However, the quality of people and health care will increment if the nurses work in pairs. The care unit will cater for all the needs of the staff, as well as establish a new route that will continue guiding the place and the contact there. The care unit establishes the empowerment of the team to ensure the quality and development if the staff.

Team work (functioning)

In functioning as a team, any organization always takes the priority of entering into the care unit. Teamwork is a way of establishing empowerment for the patients. Therefore, as the manager, several forms of organization guide the organization. The nursing care unit will need management consolation for the development of the teamwork expected to take some time. Therefore, in developing the staff of the ambulatory care unit to function as a team, I will seek to ensure that the staff understands the goals of the organization. Once the staff understands the goals, it is easy to guide them towards the development of the team. Moreover, once the members of the team understand the goals of the institution, the team will deploy to implement the forms objectives. Therefore, I will seek to establish an understanding for the objectives by every member of the team. Secondly, as the team manager of the ambulatory care unit, I will live up to the standard of quality by establishing a bar and other outings. The organization will develop a team of working that enhances and facilitates communication. Once the team is in place, there are other means of the organization to ensure they remain in the quality and freedom desired.

Teamwork is involving and; thus, it is responsible and liable for the development of the member of the team. Creativity, innovation and the voicing of different viewpoints will be essential for the organization. Nursing practice has several ways for the ambulatory care unit. The unit will grow the organization towards achieving this cohesiveness in the course of care. Lastly, a fixed and effective development strategy for the team will keep the organization flowing accordingly. Lastly, the team creates a sense of belonging; hence, the development of the organization will base on the basis development.

Additionally, the team building will be a quality and improvement team. This means that, the team building skills will… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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