America the Multinational Society Term Paper

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How America came to be a multinational society

The idea of multiculturalism and the blurring of national identity have received great attention in the last decade. But in truth, the idea of America as a crossroads for the worlds has been one set, in theory if not in practice, in the ideas of the founding fathers. The idea of a typical American has changed over the last one hundred years from that of a Caucasian male business man, the leader of the nuclear family with a stay at home wife and 2.3 children to something that is not so easily qualified or quantified. Is the idea of America as a multicultural nation really all that new an idea, or are we just more ready to embrace diversity in all its colors as it truly always has been within the United States?

Description of the Project:

will perform a selective review of the major literature available describing the history of multiculturalism within the population of the United States and it is my belief that I will be able to demonstrate that multiculturalism is a new catchword but an old idea. I believe that history and the literature will show that racial diversity and multicultural populations have existed but not been acknowledged in the United States since before it's inception as an independent country, and it is my belief that the study will show that not only are we moving toward more diversity but are being shoved toward a world that, for practicality if not for right, will be essentially and ultimately color blind.

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Term Paper on America the Multinational Society Assignment

Banting, Keith. "Multiculturalism and Welfare" Dissent, Fall 2003. This article tends to associate the idea of multiculturalism with immigration, appearing to ignore the fact that the first Caucasians who came to the United States were met by people of color who were the true founding fathers. It describes the policies surrounding financial support for those who come to this country, in the form of medical care or social financial support as "multiculturalist policies" and seems to paint the idea of a multicultural society with the same brush as a welfare society. It compares the relative ease in which racially homogenous societies administer welfare systems, yet goes on to remark that studies indicate that there are no significant relationships in the countries studied which associate the adoption of multiculturalism and an erosion of the welfare state. It does not support the idea of multiculturalism.

Chavez, Linda. "Demystifying Multiculturalism - myth that the U.S. white population is on the decline and there is no one single American culture." National Review. Feb 21, 1994. This article describes to roots of the movement towards multiculturalism, but seems to feel that without significant government support it would no longer exist as an idea. It gives rise to the idea that the American identity is one in which different groups are incorporated, and always has been thus. It warns against the danged of trying to change newcomers to the United States into cookie cutter Americans, and describes the pendulum swing between total assimilation and the idea of separating American groups based on Ethnicity and color.

Dalrymple, Theodore. "The conflict at home - how do you like your multiculturalism now?" National Review October 15, 2001. This article describes some of the shallower and unrealistic aspects of multiculturalism, such as the idea that at some point there will never be conflict between cultures and that time is now. It reviews the idea that some cultures are not comfortable moving into the Western culture, but for reasons of safety or political asylum are they required to do so. Some do well, some do not. It refers specifically not only to past feelings that other countries had against westerners, as well as the current tide of feeling surround Muslims in the Unite States. It paints a picture that shows not all people want to assimilate, and brings forward the idea that even multiculturalism is a limited ideal.

Glazer, Nathan. American Diversity and the 2000 Census." Public Interest. Summer 2001. This article makes an interesting study of how the census has changed over the years since it's inception within the United States in 1970, when the separation between blacks and whites had already been made. It reviews the interesting and abhorrent premise that at one time in our history a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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