Essay: Is America a Society?

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¶ … america a society of There is presently much controversy regarding the U.S. And the potential it has to be exploited as an "open road" that people can use with the purpose of gaining a series of advantages. While most people cannot agree with the fact that America is a country where people can move freely anytime they want to and for every purpose they have, I personally believe that it is actually assisting even encouraging people to seize the best opportunities they come across.

Residing in America means that you are more likely to encounter social and economic success, given that unlike other environments (that are hostile toward moving freely), it presents individuals with the chance to move from place to place whenever they want to and whenever they feel that they are going to benefit out of this enterprise. It is actually a common thing for people in America to move when the opportunity emerges, as in most cases they do so because of the advantages they believe they will get out of the act.

Even though most can agree that "the open road" is present in any society around the world and that the enabling of this concept depends merely on the individual, matters are actually very different. In some countries for example people form very strong bonds with the communities they reside in and they feel physically connected to their city. Also, the economic costs that arise along with a general move can be too much for people in some countries, thus making them less able to move whenever they want to. While such cases are also present in the U.S., they are more isolate because people here have more opportunities and one can achieve progress through hard work and can eventually move without being restrained by… [END OF PREVIEW]

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