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[. . .] African-Americans benefited from the integration of some aspects of the armed forces and the G.I. Bill that extended a free education to all G.I.s, thus allowing some African-Americans to make concrete post-war gains through education.

Question 7

Why was the decision made to use the Atomic bomb against Japan in WWII? What were the arguments? Even after sixty years this is still an area of controversy. In your opinion, was the use of atomic weapons justified?

The use of atomic weapons was made, according to President Truman, to spare American lives. In other words, by dropping the atomic bomb, Truman more quickly and efficiently ended the war and spared the Americans and even the Japanese army, ultimately, needless carnage, because the Japanese army refused to agree to an unconditional surrender in a war that 'they' began at Pearl Harbor. While Truman's arguments may have some merit, the fact is that civilians composed a tremendous amount of the population he attacked over the course of his efforts, and he set the stage for the fear if not the actual use of atomic and nuclear capabilities forevermore in history.

Question 8

How did the war affect the American economy? How did it affect the New Deal? What factors of the war would fuel a post-war boom of material prosperity in the United States?

The war ended the Great Depression and the New Deal because it fueled the engines of prosperity and productivity of United States factories, despite some inevitable wartime shortages of militarily necessary products such as nylon, metal, and rationing of foodstuffs necessary for the troops such as meat and sugar. However, the massive and unprecedented levels of federal spending necessitated by such a wide-scale world conflict were to some extent foreshadowed by the New Deal's greater federal involvement in the United States private economy.

Question 9

What was the Cold War? How did the results of WWII lead to the development of the Cold War?

As fears of fascism subsided, fears of communism arose in the hearts of Americans. The formation of the Warsaw Pact, the domination of Eastern Europe by the massive Stalinist machine, all created an undeclared war between America and the U.S.S.R., which was more often than not to be fought upon the territory of other nations, such as Vietnam, rather than between the nations themselves.

Question 10

How did the thinking of the period known as the Cold War influence the United Nation/United States to become involved in the conflict between North and South Korea? Was this a logical result on your opinion?

The domino theory held that if one nation 'went communist,' then the neighboring nations would follow, illogically ignoring regional differences of government, culture, and stability.

Question 11

To what degree was communism a genuine threat to the interests and security of the United States in the 1950s? Why did communism cause such fear in the post WWII era? Was this fear reasonable? How did these fears lead to the rise of Senator Joseph McCarthy? How was he eventually defeated?

This is not to deny the potential military threat of the Soviet Union, however, admirable fought against by efforts such as the Berlin Airlift, for example. But although the fears may have had some reasonable causes, they achieved a level of pitched hysteria, to the point that Americans became willing to sacrifice their own democratic institutions for democracy. [END OF PREVIEW]

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