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¶ … American Culture

The text notes that optimism and self-reliance are characteristic of most Americans. However, I feel the most important value or characteristic of Americans is their ability to bounce back from tragedy and defeat. This characteristic has been show again and again, from world wars to terrorism attacks and natural disasters. Not only do most Americans have the tenacity not to give up during these trying times, they also pour out support to others in need during difficult times. They support people around the world, from victims of tsunamis and earthquakes to victims at home who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and in the World Trade Center attacks. This characteristic is apparent to people around the world when they face disaster, and it is also mentioned by some of those who have immigrated to America, they note that Americans are "well meaning" and generally "like" people from other countries. They may not understand all the cultural nuances of other nationalities, but most Americans will pour out their hearts and resources when people are in trouble, and I think this is a humanitarian and personal type of characteristic that is necessary in a changing world. There are many characteristics of Americans that may have negative connotations abroad, but this characteristic is generally admired and approved of, and can only help others in the end.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Progress is still a major factor in American culture because so much of our lives are based on technology and progress. Progress is what keeps Americans up-to-date and always seeking new ideas and innovations, and American progress fuels the rest of the world as well. Progress is a sign of individualism and initiative that many experts feel are distinctly American characteristics, and Americans are always looking for new answers and new ideas. It also seems that a society and culture without progress is a static culture that may need improvement or overhauling, and that is not the case with most of American culture. While there are some aspects of American culture that are not the most pleasant or appealing, this idea of continual… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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