Term Paper: American Dream Alive and Well?

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[. . .] Some people view success differently from how it is conventionally seen and this means that the American Dream needs to be regarded from a series of perspectives.

Social status is a very controversial concept today, as while it is regarded as being less important in larger communities, it can play an essential role in small groups. "The prestige hierarchy of a local community is based on detailed information about individuals and families, all seen through the lens of residents' general understanding of the class system" (Gilbert 22). It is thus safe to say that the American Dream, in its traditional appearance, is more likely to be present in environments where people tend to express less judgmental attitudes.

Even if people in particular environments go through great efforts in order to achieve their dreams, they are unlikely to ever feel that they achieved the American Dream. This is because the respective environments are unsupportive with regard to underprivileged individuals and tend to provide these people with a limited amount of resources they can use with the purpose to achieve their goals.


The American Dream is alive in the contemporary U.S., but it would be exaggerated to say that it is 'well'. The American community is dysfunctional and this makes it difficult for its members to be able to have a complex understanding concerning the attitudes they need to employ toward others when considering social status. While some believe that social status is unimportant and that it would be more important for them to judge individuals on account of their thinking, others consider that social status is particularly significant and that it would only be natural for them to put across privileged attitudes toward people belonging to the upper class.

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