American Ethnic Literature Analyzing Essay

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Iranian American writers, for example, "grapple with exile [and] 'depict cultural identity as caught between abstract theories of boundary-free identity, the politics and problematics of representation, and the painful realities of exile, authoritarianism, and social marginalization" (Karim, Rahimieh, 2008, p. 10). In the modern American landscape, in other words, melting pot standards are resisted -- but definite and clear ethnic identity is difficult to manifest (especially when the landscape is hostile to what it perceives as a foreign threat). Liberty, opportunity, and equality are therefore not truly experienced by the Ethnic American writer unless he adapts to what the WASP lays out as conditions for joining the club.

In conclusion, the Ethnic American writer is in a way an outsider to the American tradition but nonetheless represents a significant portion of the American experience, which consists of various ethnicities dwelling together in one nation. The Ethnic American writer explores themes of exile and alienation, sense of heritage and sense of equality in the land of the WASP. Ethnic American writers do not have the same perspective as those traditional American writers who write out of a distinctly European and Christian vein; Ethnic American writers are often modern and coming from a different spiritual and linguistic heritage -- yet their struggles are as universal as they are American.

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Essay on American Ethnic Literature Analyzing the Assignment

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