American Experience From Vietnam War Essay

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America Vietnam

Tactical Planning According to the Lessons Learned in Vietnam

I have always perceived myself as an individual with great strengths in the area of practical task orientation. I have a good sense for the most efficient and often the most optimal ways of approaching responsibilities, organizing steps and delegating individual functions. It is thus that I would identify myself as a Tactical Planner. Of the essential role that have contributed to America's armed forces organizations, this one seems best suited to the way that I frame and attack challenges or workplace duties.

In order to determine my suitability to this role, it would be incumbent upon me to reflect on the way that I tend to formulate responses when faces with decisions, difficulties or new opportunities. I realized that while to an extent I do have the ability to see the 'big picture' as might the strategic thinker and while I also have a keen eye for detail as might the logistician, what I really enjoy is pulling my sleeves up and executing real solutions for existing problems.

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Certainly, this is an approach that I apply to my daily life and work responsibilities. As an emergency room nurse, I take a direct part in the prioritizing and triaging of patients according to the severity of their respective conditions and areas of need. This requires the quick integration of many details concerning the individual's overall health, the nature of the condition in question and the resources and personnel available to field numbers that vary heavily from peak flow to off hours. This requires me to plan quickly and efficiently while juggling an array of variables. I have found my tactical skills to be of a considerable value in this treatment context.

Essay on American Experience From Vietnam War Assignment

Naturally though, the emergency room is not a context for independent action. My work as a tactical planner depends heavily on the participation, compliance and competence of those around me. Most importantly, I must know… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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