Essay: American Food Uses and Abuses

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[. . .] The makers of this fake honey do this to minimize the amount of real honey they have to use so they can make greater profits (Philpott, 2011). This introduces unhealthy elements into our diets that could be just as bad as processed fast foods. Unfortunately, we may not be able to judge this when we look at the popular food items we buy in our local stores thinking that we are buying better ingredients. Even when consumers turn to buying raw, unfiltered honey from local harvesters they may be at risk of contaminates, which is why they need to learn more about honey and its benefits (Honey, 2011).

This latter concern is also tied to another popular use of foods, those that are thought to be organic and U.S. made. It turns out that many of the products that are packaged as being from the U.S. have their origins elsewhere, and there have been a number of concerns recently about illnesses associated with these products (CDC, 2011). Many are more expensive than other choices, which mean financially struggling families may not be able to turn to these opportunities. More importantly, there have also been a series of outbreaks regarding illnesses such as listeria and salmonella in foods such as cantaloupes that are threatening families because organic foods are not properly handled and packaged (CDC, 2011).

American's are very interested in learning more about the foods we eat and buy. But so far we have just begun to see how complicated it can be to identify healthy alternatives, particularly if we want to keep costs low and our options new and appealing. Fast food outlets have been a good reflection of American consumer interests in the past but we are now starting to look elsewhere, only to learn that there are other concerns we have to be aware too.


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