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Because the United States is geographically remote and isolated yet has substantial financial and military capabilities, it has been able to go alone in many of its military endeavors, with little military support from international organizations or other nations. Even the League of Nations, as founded by Woodrow Wilson, was not initially joined by the United States because of domestic opposition as well as isolationist sentiment, to becoming entangled in international obligations.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Yet unlike Great Britain, the U.S. has never, in terms of its ideological fabric, been overtly imperialistic. Although it may have shown a certain narrow mindedness and self-interest in its foreign policy goals, unlike the colonial powers, it has not actively used other nations to enrich itself. The influence of populists such as William Jennings Bryan has also kept alive a strong wing of both parties that stress that 'it's the economy, stupid' to use a modern turn of phrase, and the interests of America at home that must predominate in the political discourse of the day.
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