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American Government Course

American Government


Form a more perfect union: At birth, the forefathers thought of a united America one that was devoid of separation along any lines but a perfectly united USA. The preamble of the constitution with the phrase "to form a more perfect union" aimed ad coalescing the states that were hitherto ruled by the Confederation Articles into one that had a government over everyone and every state equally. The constitution came in to describe the powers of the chief executive unlike the Articles of Confederation that did not and in this way help further the spirit of union of the U.S.A.

The phrase seeks to unite Americans more morally, socially, economically and in relation to justice as well. It is focused on strengthening the relationships that existed between the people of America. One of the provisions in the constitution that ensures the perfect union is further realized is the fourteenth amendment that ensured equal protection rights to all the American citizens. This equal protection is ensured by the government providing security to all the citizens through its agencies like the police departments in every state and the investigative departments, as well as ensuring non-discriminatory policies at work places. An employer is liable to legal action incase found guilty of breaking this constitutional provision.

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The second provision that ensure the U.S.A. remains a perfect union is the fourth amendment that gives individuals protection from illegal search and seizure except when Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has sufficient suspicion then one can be searched upon entering the U.S.A. The exception in this provision is of interest here since it gives the citizens the assurance that no one will come from outside and interfere with their unity as American. This we can see practical examples with the detailed searches that at times end up exposing potential danger to America especially after the 9/11 incidence.

Journal on American Government Course Assignment

Establish justice: The framers of the constitution were certain that in order to have an organized society, devoid of social malpractices, equality and anarchy then justice had to prevail. The establishment of justice and the systems that implement it would see retention of liberties of the American people, sustenance of tranquility and barricade of criminal activities.

One of the provisions that ensure justice is established is the administration of justice act. This ensures that in the day-to-day transaction of their duties, the civil servants do not get intimidated and constantly fear for possible prosecution. The civil servant will see that justice is done for him and the civilian as well.

The second provision is the eighth amendment which is part of the Bill of Rights. It forbids the federal government from handing down unreasonable fines, disproportionate fines and inhumane and unusual punishments. This is seen in the daily running of court cases where the judges try to match the fine with the crime committed hence ensuring justice to the culprits.

Insure domestic tranquility: This was one of the highest considerations that the framers had in mind while drafting the constitution. Apart form protecting America there was need to ensure that there is absolute peace internally, order among the citizens and smooth running of domestic engagement of the American people.

In insuring domestic tranquility, we can borrow again from the fourth amendment that gives the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) powers to search anyone entering the U.S.A. upon admissible suspicion. This ensures that the Americans are at peace within their own country and tranquility prevails at all times.

The constitution also insures tranquility by ensuring a just and lawful society, by protecting the country against would be invaders, promotes the welfare of each and every American. This the constitution achieves by allowing for the passing of bills that complement the constitution like the Anti-Terrorism Bill.

Provide for the common defense: The framers of the constitution knew that the more united the Americans will be the better they would front a defense that is formidable against any nation that would dare invade USA in the future and hence the defense had to be a common one. In doing so, the constitution through the government should ensure that the Americans are safe from external interference like the acts of terror or external army invasions. This protection must be stronger than just a mere army or police department in every state.

The government has always ensured that the U.S.A. stays on top of the security situation by passing bills that would ensure this. Once again the Anti-Terrorism Bill comes in handy. The other ways are to ensure that the constitution provides for the Americans who go out there to defend and serve the interest of the country.

Promote the general welfare: In ensuring that the Americans se the benefits of being free and having an autonomous constitution, the framers wanted to ensure that every American's welfare was catered for by the government.

The power for citizens to participate in making decisions that will affect their welfare is provided for in the twenty sixth amendment. This is the amendment that forbids the federal government and the states from denying any citizen of age 18 or greater to vote on account of their age. In this way they can participate in shaping the welfare of the U.S.A. And consequently their own.

The promotion of general welfare is also stipulated in the Taxing and Spending clause which regulates the way in which the taxation is done and the taxes utilized by the Congress. It stipulates that the congress has been given the power to collect tax and it should use this power for the general welfare only and cannot tax citizens for any other purpose they please. These ensure that the citizens and their property are not only protected but they benefit from the state through the social amenities and infrastructure.

Secure the blessings of liberty: Liberty is one fundamental entitlement that the Americans can enjoy from the constitution since it was the sole reason for freedom declaration. The framers of the constitution knew that it would be an exercise in futility not to engrave the ultimate entitlement of liberty to each American.

The fourteenth amendment that deals with Rights Guaranteed Privileges and Immunities of Citizenship, Due Process and Equal Protection stipulates clearly that no state shall deprive any person life, liberty or property without due cause of law followed (FindLaw, 2011).

It is this liberty that enables all Americans to freely live and operate their income generating activities without fear of intimidation. This is seen in the daily lives of Americans where trespass into private property is an offence that can end in a court sermon. Even the police need to have a search warrant if they are to use private property for the accomplishment of their job.


Ronald Reagan: He was born in February 11, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois where he grew up (in Lee County) up to his schooling years in Eureka College where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Economics and Sociology. Reagan's fancy for media saw him become a broadcaster in one of the radio stations in Iowa but later moved to California to pursue acting as a career. In the film industry, Reagan appeared in more than 50 films and television series as well as holding numerous positions like being the spokesperson for General Electric.

It was during his tenure as the spokesperson for General Electric that his interest in politics struck. He was originally a member of the Democratic party but later switched sides to the Republican party in 1962. It was after giving Barry Goldwater unwavering support in his quest for presidency in 1964 that Reagan thought of running for office as a governor of California, which he won in 1966 and again in 1970. He gave a shot at presidential nomination in 1968 and 1976 but lost the nominations, only to win both nominations and presidency in 1980. This made him the 40th president of the U.S.A. from 1981 to 1989.

At home, Reagan helped beat a new path, politically for the Republican party. He spear headed the modern conservative movement and completely turned around with gusto the political dynamics of the U.S.A. He saw the vast increase in the Republican voters by massively tapping into the religious voters, indeed, it was during this time that the term "Reagan Democrats" was coined.

Reagan represented the American optimism for a better America; he kept pushing on despite the criticism and even assassination attempt. He was seen as positive and optimistic president like never before in America and it was his personality that welcomed his popularity. He had a very strong and radical stand against the labor unions at home and never feared to say so.

His foreign policy came to play pretty much in his second term in office which he had reclaimed in a landslide victory. He was preoccupied with foreign matters which included striving to end the cold war that had seen the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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