American Government and Politics Today Essay

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American Government & Politics Today


Is bureaucracy really necessary? Is it possible to have too much or not enough -- and how does one find that balance? Is the "wrong type" of bureaucracy possible? These are all important questions to be answered within the realm of political studies. Bureaucracy is necessary, because rules and regulations are part of what makes up a civilized society. No games would be able to be played and no knowledge would be able to be transmitted properly if there were no rules as to how anything was done. Without organizers and people who manage things, it would not be easy to move society forward or even to keep it from regressing. There are people who think that bureaucracy is not necessary, but they generally have their own agendas that are not within the realm of what most of society would address. Because that is the case, they are considered anarchists and often not taken seriously. For most of society bureaucracy is somewhat of a "necessary evil" in that they see the value in it and know that it is required, but they do not particularly like some or all of it.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on American Government and Politics Today Assignment

Part of the reason bureaucracy is not popular comes from the ways in which it is created and upheld. Often, there are issues that are strictly regulated and that many people believe should not be so heavily controlled. At the same time, there are issues that are not carefully regulated and that can cause harm because those areas actually need more control from the government or other entities. Bureaucracy needs balance, and many areas of life and society are using the wrong type of bureaucracy to "control" people when guiding those people would be a much better choice. By providing people with a very high level of control over what they can and cannot do in certain aspects of their lives, these people can easily feel as though they are being restricted from doing things that matter to them. In other areas of life, where they have more freedom, these people… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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American Government and Politics Today Essay

American Government and Politics Today Essay

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