American History Assessment the United States Assessment

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American History Assessment

The United States was reluctant to enter World War II. What term have historians used to describe the American position?





In his War Message of April 1917, President Woodrow Wilson said, "The world must be made safe for democracy...." To what was he referring?

The right for countries to engage in battle

The fight for international peace and justice

The privilege of people to choose their government

The liberation of prisoners of war

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was significant for which reasons?

had to fight the war on two fronts

The attack caused the U.S. To enter the war

The Pacific fleet was seriously damaged

All of the above

e. A and b

f. b and c

Why did Italy change sides during World War II?

a. Mussolini lost power

b. Germans occupied Rome

c. The Allies captured Sicily

They didn't want to fight in the war

e. All of the above

f. None of the above

Questions 5 -- 31 are from NCDPI North Carolina Test of U.S. History, Form F. Fall 2009

5. What is the significance of Pinckney's Treaty (1795) with Spain?

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a. It gave the United States the right to navigate the Mississippi.

b. It gave the United States most-favored nation status.

c. It allowed Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Territory.

d. It moved the Shawnee to the Indiana Territory.

6. What impact did the Battle of New Orleans have on the United States in 1815?

a. It weakened the strength of the U.S. military.

TOPIC: Assessment on American History Assessment the United States Was Assignment

b. It resolved the issue of British impressment of U.S. ships.

c. It caused the United States to lose access to the Gulf port.

d. It boosted a sense of patriotism and unity among U.S. citizens.

Why can the Emancipation Proclamation be seen as a diplomatic document?

a. It made it hard for foreign nations to recognize and support the Confederacy.

b. It warned European nations to stay out of affairs in the Western Hemisphere.

c. It called on England and France to sell weapons to the Union army.

d. It encouraged France to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States.

8. Which action abolished slavery in the United States?

a. Suspension of habeas corpus

b. Passage of the Thirteenth Amendment

c. Passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1866

d. Delivery of the Gettysburg Address

9. Which of these is the strongest evidence of the federal government showing its power over state governments during the Reconstruction period?

a. The creation of the sharecropping system

b. The migration of carpetbaggers into southern states

c. The military occupation of former Confederate states

d. The creation of the Freedmen's Bureau

10. Why did the House of Representatives impeach Andrew Johnson?

a. The president refused to follow Lincoln's Reconstruction plan.

b. The president violated the Tenure of Office Act.

c. Congress wanted to test the Fifteenth Amendment.

d. The Supreme Court supported separation of powers

11. What impact did the transcontinental railroad have on the economy of the West during the mid-1800s?

a. Decreased the need for government regulation

b. Increased the time needed to ship products to other regions

c. Decreased use of the eastern rail lines

d. Increased settlement and growth in the region

12. Which invention made western farming more efficient in the mid-1880s?

a. The Model T

b. The steel plow

c. The Bessemer process

d. The assembly line

13. During the mid to late 1800s, which major… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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