American History Term Paper

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American History

The objective of this work is to answer the question asking whether or not it was necessary to change the Articles of Confederation? Examined will be the factors that led to the drafting of the Constitution. The region represented will be identified as well as priorities notes along with noting concerns. Expressed will be the compromises that would be acceptable in order to preserve the union.

The United States of America was formed over time, through shared experiences and step-by-step working and focusing toward the Constitution. Many considerations, concerns, and viewpoints as well as opinions, standards and beliefs were that which formulated first the Articles of Confederation and ultimately the U.S. Constitution. When considering that which led to the changing of the Articles of Confederation one must consider that change from many perspectives. The Articles gave the government very little powers and no jurisdiction over the citizens in the country. No authority to tax the citizens was given but instead revenue generation was upon the shoulders of the individual states at the government's request. Laws were difficult to change under this forum and the agreement of all thirteen states was a requirement if amendments were to be made to the governing Articles.

Essay: Viewpoint of Virginia (Jamestown) Citizen

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The rebellions shaking each of the 13 states and the country at large as well are overshadowed by the fact that the government as a whole is under threat to be usurped by individual states. However, the rebellions wracking individual states threaten the country at large. It is known that not all states are holding up their end of revenue generation. Trade is wild and uncontrolled. The laws that need to be changed cannot be changed under this structure of government.

TOPIC: Term Paper on American History the Objective of This Work Assignment

Who can dare state that the Articles of Confederation are all that this country needs for find cohesiveness, for surely this country is coming apart from within. The citizens of Virginia remember the original dream of what this country would be. The winter of near starvation after a long journey across the waters to claim this land runs in the Virginian's blood.

While all of the proposals for the new agreement are failing in some aspect, and indeed are short of being the perfect plan of action, surely there exists some such agreement that if abided by will serve better toward preserving that which was so hard-won and which required so much be sacrificed in pursuit of. The issue has arisen in relation to the number of votes assigned to each state. This issue is naturally of real concern to those in smaller and less populated states. However, it is fortunate that the 'Great Compromise' has been attained whereby each of the states receives one delegate for each 40,000 citizens as of July 5, 1887, under the direction of the special committee.

American History

Essay Questions

Objective Two

The objective of this work is to consider the fact that the framers of the Constitution left out entire groups of people in order to come to agreement. This included slaves, women, Native Americans, and the poor white individual which are not directly addressed, through use of Norton et al. The underrepresented groups will be examined in relation to what 'independence' really meant for their lives. The question of "How did the Founding Fathers understand the freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights?

Essay: The Founding Father's Intentions

This Country was founded on principles, standards and beliefs held by those who were the founders referred to as the Founding Fathers. These individuals include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and others. The pilgrims traveled across treacherous unknown waters to land in Jamestown and begin their effort toward building this nation. The standards and principles held by those first settlers were inclusive… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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