American History the Underside Term Paper

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These essays on important events in the history of the United States demonstrate the vital role that changes in the economic structures of the country ultimately led to changes in the social and political structures as well. These changes in the economy of the country also determined the degree of conservatism or liberalism adopted by the American society and government -- that is, a downfall in the economy resulted to the adoption of a conservative stance while a relatively prosperous economic condition in the country led the country to adopt liberal policies and changes in the socio-political structures of society. Looking into the five (5) issues discussed in the preceding essays, it is evident that the emergence of the 20th century resulted to a shift from conservatism to liberalism in the government's policies when it comes to providing economic opportunities and social services and privileges in the civil society. As the country entered the twentieth century, especially during and after the Great Depression, America adopted conservative measures to ensure that the country would no longer plunge into a great economic downturn and poverty that it had experienced. However, after the Great Depression, the Second World War, and the Cold War, material progress and the rise of imperialism of America in the world led to the cultivation and encouragement of liberal policies concerning issues of economic and socio-political concerns. Thus, the rise of the American middle-class, prevalence of new technological inventions such as the television and popularity of the mass media, and the civil rights movement are manifestations of the liberalism of America, a social change that occurred and continued to prevail as the country continued to prosper politically and economically in the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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