American Hotel Lodging Association Management Essay

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He handles the events according to customers' specifications and ensures proper preparations as per the requirements (David & Jack, 2009).

The Assistant manager position involves taking the responsibilities of various managers especially when managers are absent, or there is delegation of the duties. The manager takes responsibilities such as administration, accounting or general maintenance. He is an all-rounded and flexible manager who does most of the activities in the organization when the concerned manager is not available. He also manages arising issues and emergencies. In big hotels and lodgings, convention services managers perform responsibilities such as coordinating the activities of the various departments. This helps ensure all activities are in accordance with the mission and policy of the organization. Convention service managers organize meetings and other functions in the organization (Tanke, 2001). They tackle problems that emanate within an organization.

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Essay on American Hotel Lodging Association Management Assignment

In both Lodging, hotel and restaurant industries general managers have their responsibilities. In both industries, the general managers are responsible for all operations of the organization. They oversee the activities of other managers and workers in the departments. General Managers assist other managers and coordinate their activities. In the restaurant industry, the position of a general manager is in two sections. There is general manager (full service) and general manager (quick service). Each of these two managers performs specific responsibilities according to their capacity and size of the organization. General Manager (full service) coordinates with other personnel from the kitchen to dinning in the preparation of menus. The manager undertakes maintenance, estimates of costs, expenditure, and budget regulation (David & Jack, 2009). General Manager (quick service). Under takes general food preparation from the kitchen to the dinning. he/she maintains overall management responsibility and collection of payments for orders.

The manager conducts interviews and hiring of new personnel for the organization. In the lodging and hotel industry, general managers undertake several responsibilities that are different from the restaurant industry. General Managers allocate funds to departments in an organization. They control the budget and approval of expenditures. They determine charges for various services offered to include rooms' charges and set standards for the quality of products and services. The hotel, lodging and restaurant industries usually refer to the hospitality sector of the economy. It is among the most important sectors of the economy. General employment in this sector is high, and the sector grows at a high rate. According to the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics (2006), the hospitality industry will add about 17% in wage as well as salary employment. The data obtained also show that accommodation, beverage and food places make a significant percentage of all employment nationally. With this fast growth in the two industries, organizations are rushing to employ highly qualified personnel to fill the various vacancies resulting from expansion.

The sector increasingly seeks to employ young people who are flexible and dynamic to satisfy the demand. Employment projections from these industries is high than expectations of many. Many investors are targeting this sector because of the high returns. Employment creation in the next ten years is dependent on many factors both nationally and internationally. The sector highly relies on political and economic stability of a particular area. Research and studies predict high rates of employment creation from these industries if all factors are constant or with small variations. Increase or decrease in both internal and external tourism has an impact in growth of lodging and hotel industry (David & Jack, 2009). Expansion and growth of the sector depends on the movement of people in order to offer accommodation and other services.

Human resource practices and better recruitment for retention of management talents

Human resource managers should offer equal opportunities to employees without bias. Remunerations of employees according to the performance on a regular basis encourage them to perform better. "Employment decisions must be based on job associated essentials or they might be considered biased" Tanke, 2001). The two industries rely heavily on the human labor to provide their services in the most appropriate manner.


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