American Identity: A Melting Pot Essay

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" (p.1) Americans are reported to both fear and hate "any perpetuation of power -- political, religious or bureaucratic." (p.1) Steinbeck states that the danger in America is the realization of "success, plenty, comfort, and ever-increasing leisures." (p.1) However, Steinbeck believes that Americans will survive and that Americans are a "restless" people characterized by energy whether that be demonstrated in "strikes and causes." (p. 2) Jean de Crevecoeur relates that any individual from a foreign country can go to America and become an American and relates that when in America, ones' original race or ethnicity ceases to matter became they all become Americans.

III. Today's Immigrants

Immigrants in the past were required to assimilate into the American society and to 'become' American however, in today's world those entering the United States often cling to their old nationality and instead of becoming an American live in communities that still adhere to the old country customs, language and mores. In the past becoming an American was the highest desire of immigrants and those individuals did all they could to melt into the American society desiring to leave behind their customs and language. In fact, this leaving behind was what characterized those who came to this country to be Americans.

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Essay on American Identity: A Melting Pot Assignment

America is a melting pot of many diverse individuals that have left their country of origin to live in the United States and become American. Immigration has become a hotly debated issue and exacerbating this problem is the issue of illegal immigration where people come into the country without legal rights or authority to live and work in the United States. More than 200 years after America became a nation, people from all across the globe still desire to leave their home country and relocate to the United States and become an American. America symbolizes a new land of opportunities and a place where one can leave the old behind and start anew and forgetting their origins become an American. It is yet to be seen how the issue of immigration will be resolved as the debate continues. However, that which is certain is the fact that more than two centuries after America was founded that there is still a desire by many to become American.

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