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The author then continues to argue that the show has changed the public's musical tastes through its diverse song choices and its explorations of various genres. While it may be true that the show has the ability to make past songs popular again and provides an example of Whitney Houston and how a person may be exposed to her music because of the show, there is no evidence in the form of statistics given to support the author's claims, thus making these claims seem less credible.

Additionally, the author comments on how the show has made the industry more profitable because of its ability to profit from the contestants in addition to the original artists. However, the explanation given does not make sense, and that author fails to demonstrate how the music industry profits from the re-release of music beyond actual music sales.

Lastly, the author comments on the show's star power citing Carrie Underwood's success as well as David Archuleta, who was a runner up. David Archuleta is not a strong case for people that did not win because he was a runner-up meaning that it is implied he would have a successful career ahead of him. This paper would have been even more successful if the author had provided an example of an individual who was not in the top 5, but rather if the author had chosen someone like Jennifer Hudson, who placed 7th and went on to become a successful recording artist and Academy Award winner.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on American Idol Has Had on Assignment

Overall, I believe too much praise is given to "American Idol" and the essay does not take into account the negative impact the show may have on the original artists, how it discounts the efforts of people that have been struggling to "make it" for years, and the strict regulations imposed by the show that prevent certain individuals from auditioning simply because they are too old, or too… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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