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"During the last decade, gaming has given Native people an avenue to enter higher education, develop tribal enterprises, tribal courts and health and mental health programs that meet the needs of their communities. Most importantly, Native people have reclaimed their independence" (Napoli, 2002).

Culturally, Native Americans have managed to educate the rest of the American population on their beliefs - and the atrocities committed to them in the past and present - through various means. From Pow-Pows held on Reservations, to PBS specials and Hollywood films, Native American history and beliefs have become widely known and revered. Sweat lodges and 'animal medicine' are commonly associated with the New Age movement, that has excelled their popularity through the decades, nevertheless, they are traditional aspects of Native Americanism that are given new life and sustained existence in a world where the old ways and stories are fading away.

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Nevertheless, the most common present day association non-Indians have in regards to Native Americans is gambling and the advance of casinos on Reservations. "Native gaming is active in twenty-eight states across America sustaining a $9.6 billion industry that is growing three times faster than non-Indian gaming (Useem, 2000). Of the 556 federally recognized tribes, 361 have no gambling operations" (Napoli, 2002). Gambling provides Native American communities with the necessary funding to not only provide communities with proper healthcare and education, but give them a strong direction towards sovereignty.

TOPIC: Term Paper on American Indian Studies Native American Assignment

This in turn leads to the development of businesses that amplify Native American lifestyles and traditional businesses. "Many tribes have been successful in developing competitive businesses and advanced training for professional leadership that are congruous with tribal lifestyle, such as hunting and fishing" (Napoli). More importantly, profits from casinos have allowed for the creation of higher education institutions geared towards Native Americans.

In 1998, "more than a third of the surveyed students had previously attended a non-Indian college or university: of those, 88% agreed that tribal college faculty are friendlier, and 93% agreed that more individual attention is shown to students at a tribal college. Finally, 72% agreed that the quality of instruction was higher at their tribal college" (McCarthy).

This creation of an educational system that is not only perceived as 'friendly' towards students, but manages to achieve a high ratio of attendance is an integral part in Native Americans achieving sovereignty. It is a political and economic statement where Native American students feel more secure and more likely to attend their own educational institutions, rather than one 'outside' of their independent state.

There are very few present day 'heroes' for a young Native American growing up in a poverty-stricken area of a struggling Reservation. There are plenty of vices to fall trap to - from gangs and violence, to gambling, debt and alcoholism. It is these such vices that befall any community, and receive government attention to 'cure' them. For Native Americans, it is a struggle to achieve independence as a sovereign state that is the cause of all these vices. For the government to 'cure' them, it would mean giving up hundreds upon hundreds of acres of land; millions of dollars in revenue; and admit to over centuries of abuse and neglect.


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