American Intervention in Vietnam, Including a Synopsis Term Paper

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¶ … American intervention in Vietnam, including a synopsis of presidents in office during and after this time, and their ideas of what was important to the American people and nation at or about the time of the war. This paper also describes the lessons of the Vietnam War and its consequences on American foreign policy. The history of the United States is most controversial when the subject of the Vietnam War. To this day scholars and politicians disagree on the reasons for the war and the effects of the war on society (Lockard, 1994). This lack of synchronicity of thought has led to an ever-lasting state of unrest when one attempts to analyze the Vietnam War and its consequences, on the American people and on foreign policy.

The United State's many reasons cited for entering the war included the desire to prevent the spread of communism and support the principles of democracy, a sentiment not truly supported by foreigners observing American tactics during the war (Lockard, 1994). In fact, many called into question the reasons for the interference of the U.S. In Vietnam, many citing "fear" a common reason for support among American presidents during the time the war took place (Kirkwood-Tucker & Benton, 362).

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The Vietnam War is distinguished from other wars in that there was a lack of "mobilized support" for the war, especially on the part of the American people (Kirkwood-Tucker & Benton, 362). The effects on foreign policy and politics within the United States were long-lasting. With regard to the human toll resulting from the war, more than 7.8 million lives were lost in Southeast Asia, 5.1 in Vietnam and more than 4 million civilians living in the areas war actively engaged and mobilized troops in (Kirkwood-Tucker, 2002).

Term Paper on American Intervention in Vietnam, Including a Synopsis Assignment

The Presidential support for the war, then failure to support troops following the war, resulted in public disgrace and suffering among soldiers forced or drafted to fight in the war. Many foreign countries lost faith in the United States' ability to distinguish boundaries when the subjects of democracy and freedom came about (Kirkwood-Tucker & Benton, 2002). In light of presidential scandals including during the Nixon term, the U.S. lost even more credibility with foreign political ambassadors (Lockard, 1994). It isn't hard to see why, especially given the presidents preceding Nixon failed to acknowledge or adequately support troops returning from the war, troops that suffered long-term consequences both mentally and physically (Lockard, 1994).

As a result of the American presence in Vietnam, mass destruction was incurred throughout the country, one that was so widespread according to Kirkwood-Tucker & Benton (2002) it was given the name "ecocide" meaning the destruction of foreign landscape (332). This… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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