American Politics Term Paper

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American Politics

The three features of the American political system that anyone would try to control would be, and this of course is speculation, but I will give the reasons why: the U.S. Supreme Court; the U.S. Senate (two members are elected from each state in the union); and the U.S. House of Representatives (435 members are elected based on population density in all 50 states; in other words, states with a big population like California, have more Representatives because they have more people to represent; a state like North Dakota has very few because the population is very scant).

Supreme Court: QUESTION ONE: First, why any one try to control the U.S. Supreme Court? The Court is very powerful, and makes legal decisions that affect the economy, the society, the workers, the health care, the environment, and more. The members of the Court are very well protected by a high level of security, and if someone tried to approach a justice on the Court, there would be a very big fine and there would be imprisonment for such an act. And what if a justice was actually corrupt and was willing to take a bribe to vote a certain way on a legal case before the Court?

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It is highly unlikely that a justice would be corrupt, because it takes many years as a judge at many different levels of the judicial system to get nominated by a president to the High Court, and if that jurist were corrupt, it probably would have been seen earlier. Also, when a judge is nominated for a seat on the High Court, the U.S. Senate has to hold hearings to investigate the nominee before the nominee is confirmed, and the FBI has to check the nominee's background very closely to see if there is any reason that person should not be confirmed.

Term Paper on American Politics Assignment

U.S. Supreme Court QUESTIONS TWO, THREE, FOUR AND FIVE: Which group has most chance to exercise control over the Court? The president of the U.S. has "influence" on the Court because he nominates the justices; so if a president is conservative, as George W. Bush is, he can nominate a conservative judge which will render decisions that reflect Bush's political views. A recent case in point is the right of government workers to become "whistleblowers" when they see something illegal or terribly wrong and report it to their superiors. The Supreme Court recently ruled that "20 million public employees do not have free-speech protections for what they say as part of their jobs," according to the Associated Press (Holland, 2006). The vote on the Court was 5-4, with the two Bush appointees voting to take away whistleblowing rights for public employees. So, Bush got what he wanted, had his influence felt, in order to take away the rights of government workers at all levels to speak out to their supervisors on the job about corruption that they witnessed.

The president "exercises control" over the Court's decisions by putting the people in there that reflect the way he sees things. The specific groups that helped to elect Bush (conservative Christians, conservative business people, conservative and moderate citizens) get what they want when conservative justices are nominated. The justices don't receive any real financial or job "benefits" because they are appointed for life. They have an effect on California law because any federal law is able to trump a state law decision; in the case of the whistleblower decision, Los Angeles County prosecutor Richard Ceballos was a whistleblower and he had written a memo saying a county sheriff's deputy had lied, and he was demoted for doing that, and the Court ended up saying it was ok to demote him because he shouldn't have exposed the lie as a whistleblower.

U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives (U.S. Congress): QUESTIONS TWO, THREE, FOUR & FIVE: The social group that has the most control over Congress is that group of people called "lobbyists" and anyone with… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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