American Presidents George Washington Essay

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S. history. His assassination demonstrates that he represented a threat for immoral individuals and that they felt that murder was the only solution to stop him.

Kennedy was impressive especially because of his atypical character as a President. Whereas many presidents before him considered that it was best for them to know their limits and to avoid disturbing powerful individuals, Kennedy believed that it was actually mandatory for him to act on account of his fellow Americans, even with the fact that this would most probably increase the number of his enemies. Although it is difficult to determine whether Kennedy himself wanted to be a hero or not, one is likely to observe that most of the acts that he performed were intended to strengthen his position as the country's savior. Little did he know, however, that there were more powerful forces controlling affairs in the area and that these respective actors were unhesitant about killing whoever stood in their path.

The former president was not successfully brought down at the time of his assassination, considering that his memory lived on and that many individuals in the contemporary society regard him as one of the most important persons in U.S. history. Kennedy's administration saw significant events happening worldwide, considering that he witnessed the construction of the Berlin Wall, the Space Race, and the growing tension as the Cold War made it increasingly difficult for international actors to express confidence concerning other communities.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on American Presidents George Washington, Thomas Assignment

There is much controversy concerning Kennedy's involvement in the Vietnam War and the evolution of the conflict if the former president were to continue to be in charge of American interventions in Vietnam. Although he initially regarded the conflict as something that would involve a small number of men and that would not necessarily deal with murdering innocent people, society outlived him to see brutal encounters between Vietnamese and American troops as these people had trouble understanding what it was that they actually fought for. Kennedy's death is thus one of the strongest reasons for which the Vietnam War got out of hand and for which numerous individuals died for absurd motives.

Kennedy would be among the most important American Presidents to deserve a place on Mount Rushmore if the monument should be modified. His determination and his contribution to opening people's minds made it possible for the U.S. To be perceived as a representative for the concept of freedom as a whole. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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