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Although from the murder scenes of the movie, one gets the impression that the movie is solely based on violence but the actual dramatizing of killing occurs off the screen i.e. It is defined only at the narrative level. In these murder scenes the pictorial representation is limited only to the extent that Patrick's face is being shown splattered with blood. His image portrayed during the murder scene, as an individual whose face is polluted with red color and hairs scattered, gives an impression of savageness. Some other murder scenes that are worth discussing and that help to identify the genre of the movie are that of prostitute Christi's murder and the murder of an old woman. These scenes investigate and ripen the psychosis of Patrick in an effective manner. At this point of the movie (Christi's murder) many secret parts of Patrick's insanity are exposed. This scene is also presented in Paul Allen's apartment where he has earlier murdered Paul. While trying to escape from the apartment, Christie seeks for a way out and during this search she finds out stored remains and body parts. In this manner the psychosis of Patrick is magnified.

On the other hand, the scene of the old woman's murder depicts that Patrick has started losing his mental control. As he commits this murder in a truly compulsive manner, it forms a series of succeeding murders as totally sacred Patrick keeps on murdering everyone who comes in his way.

Throughout the movie, the characters are portrayed as some what superficial individuals. This can be clearly observed when they are mostly involved in frolicsome situations. Nonetheless, these characters are not portrayed as debauched enough to let Patrick commit his criminal activities. On the other hand, the indifference among his peers about Patrick's strange activities gives the impression that Patrick has not actually committed the murders but has just visualized about them. In several instances Patrick has revealed about his psychosis in some manner but has benefited from not being noticed.

All the occurrences ascertain indistinctness for portraying a society which is not interesting in finding out the truth nor is concerned to explore the authenticity of the recognizable impressions. There are some justifications to why Patrick was not noticed by the members of the society. Whenever, he revealed his psychosis, circumstances have favored him in some way or the other and he was not being noticed or heard. The circumstances that favor Patrick to hide his criminal activities reveal the message that it was possible to him to commit murders and never get noticed. (Leong)

As the movie is throughout narrated by Patrick himself, the authenticity of the events narrated by him is somewhat doubtful and subjective. However, as the narrator (Patrick) has expressed doubts his own crimes, which is obvious from his way of narrating the events, it cannot be concluded that the crimes never existed at all. In simple words, we cannot conclude that as the society never reacted to his murders, Patrick has ceased to exist as a murderer.

Throughout the movie, Patrick is being portrayed as a murderer who is involved in serial killings who is likely to remain unidentified because he lives in a society which is ignorant to even such violent activities. In the concluding remarks of the movie, Patrick himself comments that there is no punishment to his acts and that he hasn't got much knowledge about his own self. Such statements give the impression that an individual's perception about his own personality is a result of other's opinion about that certain individual. Thus, if a person is living in society in which there is no feedback or reaction from other societal members, a person suffers from lack of identity and this is what Patrick was suffering from. While considering the case of Patrick Bateman, it is obvious that his perception of himself is the direct result of the Others' definition of Patrick Bateman. However, as others haven't offered any definition of Patrick Bateman, which might differentiate him from his peers, he has no real perception of himself nor can define himself. This lack of reaction from others has produced this personality gap in him forcing him to get involved in such horrible activities like committing serial killings.


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