American Psycho s Patrick Bateman and Therapy Essay

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This would help Bateman to focus on his feelings, moods and actions and then identify positive goals that he could strive to meet in order to have a better life (National Institutes of Mental Health, 2015).

From the sociocultural perspective, group therapy could be used to help Bateman share his perspective among his peers and allow him to listen to theirs, which could in turn draw him out of his own narcissistic quest and become more attuned to the needs of others and thereby become more a part of society and less turned off by those around him.

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The perspective that best addresses Bateman's abnormal behavior would be a combination of the humanistic approach, the cognitive behavioral approach and the sociocultural approach. The biological approach does not appear to be offering sufficient means of help to Bateman. The psychodynamic approach may be too free-form and not provide enough guidance for Bateman. The sociocultural perspective could be very helpful because it would allow Bateman to air his views and be heard -- which is something he wants very much -- and it could also induce him to listen to others and realize that he is not the only with opinions. However, some cognitive behavioral therapy could be effectively used as well because it would provide Bateman with some behavioral goals to strive to meet -- the direction that he appears to need in his life. Likewise, the humanistic approach could provide him with the philosophical reason to support the attainment of these goals -- it could appeal to his desire to reason and think logically about his life, even as it escalates into illogical fighting. Such a combination of perspectives is not out of the question and indeed researchers have recommended similar approaches in the past for cases of antisocial personality disorder.

Essay on American Psycho s Patrick Bateman and Therapy Assignment

The study by Eiraldi et al. (2016), for instance, shows that group cognitive behavioral therapy can be effective in reducing stress associated with antisocial disorder. It combines the group therapy discussed above and the CBT therapy as well -- allowing individuals to externalize their thoughts and receive feedback about them as well as positive directional reinforcement. Hofmann et al. (2012) identify CBT as an effective treatment in and of itself in their meta-analysis of more then 250 studies on outcomes of CBT.

Likewise, Neumann et al. (2016) identify the person-centered approach as an effective treatment for the type of personality disorders manifested by Bateman. This indicates that the humanistic perspective is a valuable framework for treating Bateman along with the others described herein.

Burnette and Cicchetti (2012) also point out that multilevel approaches are helpful in treating antisocial behavior and uncovering the underlying problems that the patient is having in an effort to identify them, direct them, change them and make the person's life more positive overall. Thus, there is plenty of research to indicate that a multi-perspective approach to treating Bateman would be very helpful in the long run, as the several different possible therapies in the three approaches described above could provide an element of assistance as Bateman attempts to find meaning in his life and become a more stable person.


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