American Revolution -1783) American Colonists Thesis

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Moreover, the difference in the views regarding the war against France further widens the line between the two political parties.

Empire of Liberty

Thomas Jefferson spoke about the "Empire of Liberty" and he made his contributions in to achieve the goal. He was the first to write the Declaration of Independence. He also served as Governor of Virginia, Secretary and top of all President of United States. He supported democratic Republican political party supporting freedom and independence in the country. Jefferson was the one who initiated the custom of shaking hands instead of bowing down. This act also portrays his favour for liberty.

Jefferson always wanted to protect the rights of the separate states whereas the Hamilton, the secretary of state had difference of opinion. Hamilton wanted to strengthen the Federal Government being Federalist but Jefferson had an opposite views. Their clash became intense since 1791 and that could be noted with their views on foreign policy. But in 1796, John Adams and Jefferson were elected as President and Vice President by getting the highest number of votes. Till 1800, it was the time of Republicans recognizing that more Americans were in support of democracy. (Foner, 2012)


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TOPIC: Thesis on American Revolution (1763-1783) American Colonists Assignment

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