American Revolution New American History Research Paper

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3 Wood, The American Revolution, 126

Equality and the fact that 'all men are created equal' were stressed a lot in the Declaration of Independence.

The founders of the nation itself did not go on to act on the words that they had written. In the end, the ultimate result was that people realized that they were not slaves and they were also citizens of the country. Therefore, another reason why American Revolution was important is that it provided the basis on which racial segregation was removed.

The American Revolution also gave rise to a cultural and social awareness for the people. It is clear that the people did not want to belong to the British empire. America originally had always been considered a free land. Ironically enough, the British themselves came to the country so they could let go of their own norms and restrictions. 4 We see that the American Revolution did consist of any replacement of ruling class like the Russian Revolution or any reign of terror that occurred in the French Revolution. It was seen that the Revolutionary spirit was present in every American and led to a great change in the societal and cultural ways of the nation. People begin to be more aware of their rights regarding slavery and voting. Religious minorities and women in the country were not afraid to speak for their rights.

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Even though the changes for women and colored people did not happen instantaneously, the revolution paved way for the start of this abolitionist movement. It was seen that land inheritance e laws were eliminated right then. Prior to independence, English law stated that the land would be passed down to the eldest son of the family.

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Research Paper on American Revolution New American History Assignment

Due to this reason, land and wealth in the society was present in the hands of some people in the society. This led to class distributing and the very bad treatment of the poor in the society. As mentioned earlier, the revolution also made it possible for the poor man to get his rights. Also, the religious life also changed such that the Anglican Church did not stay in America. During this time, religious tolerance and an increase in underground religions also changed. It was also seen that American art, architecture and literature all flourished during this time. The concept of family was also reformed as women began to attain more power and rights. Therefore, it was seen that the Revolution changed the culture and society of America to a great extent.

In conclusion, the American Revolution was a very important turning point in the history of America. It was because of the American Revolution that the political structure of the country transitioned from a monarchy to democracy. This change came not from the government or the regime but from the people of the country. Soon enough the people realized the power of speaking up and demanding a change in the way they are created. This led to more awareness in the minorities that were present in the country. Slaves, women and religious minorities worked to speak up on their rights and change the position they had in the country. The entire social and cultural way of life of the people in country was altered because of the American revolution. Along with creating a new country, the American Revolution gave rise to a new way of thinking and living.

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