American Revolution How Did the Patriots Win Essay

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American Revolution

How did the patriots win the American Revolution?

First of all, the Second Continental Congress showed a great deal of vision when meeting in 1775; even though many members were still loyal to England, within two months the Congress had "…created an army, declared war, and issued its own currency" (Roark, 158). The seeds were thus sown for officially recognized revolution. Secondly, General George Washington's leadership was vitally important to the discipline of the Continental Army. "Discipline is the soul of the army," Washington stated (Roark, 158). Moreover, the colonies' motivation to revolt against the British was hastened by Thomas Paine's Common Sense and by the Declaration of Independence. The Americans were out-numbered but they were well organized. Committees "…of correspondence" were organized in each patriot community, and they "…enforced boycotts, picked army draftees," and even invaded private homes looking for "contraband goods" like British tea or textiles (Roark, 163). Also, women were very supportive of the revolution; they directly raised funds to support the Continental Army, they ran the farms and businesses while their husbands were away fighting, and some traveled with the army. Also, importantly, the French Navy and French military took sides with the American patriots; Roark asserted (172) that the Americans "…could not have defeated Britain" without the French.

What did each side have to fight with?

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Roark describes the muskets that were used in the Revolutionary War as the weapon of choice. They were long-barreled rifles that were more accurate than previously produced muskets because they had "spiral grooves inside the barrel," which spun the lead ball to stabilize it and "lengthened its flight" as well as making it accurate at even 200 yards (157).

What Strategies were employed?

TOPIC: Essay on American Revolution How Did the Patriots Win Assignment

The strategy for the Americans was straight forward: "to repulse and defeat an invading army" (Roark, 161). For the British, it wasn't so simple; they needed to "put down a rebellion" in thirteen distinctly different colonies and they had a huge land area to cover, Roark writes (161). The British were trying to restore their old governmental system. They were not there to "ravage the countryside" or steal food from citizens and burn their villages. The British wanted to "capture, pacify, [and] then restore to the crown" the colonies.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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