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Having asserted this, it also must be asserted that this notion was not something that the leaders in China would have denied because of the fact that they acknowledged and were well aware "Hong Kong is going back to China." "Tung's approach" was to build "a bridge to get to know China better, have a better relationship with China, so that China will let us have" a "way of life long into the future" (Chinoy, June 30, 1997). In spite of these sentiments that were published, there were also ones that took a critical look at the 'handover'.

An instance when this is observed is when a resident asked for an opinion. S/he replied saying, "There will be some limitations"...but "I think it will be not too serious" (Mintier, 1997). Another resident said, "I think in the first couple of years, the situation will not change that much, but after that? You know I can't comment" (Chinoy, June 30, 1997). It isn't clear what this could have meant because under Democratic rule, people are supposed to be free to speak their minds out.

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In addition to comments like these, there are other comments in reports on television reinforcing the traditional attitudes of leaders who were to take over Honk Kong. One example is the following: "In fact, Tung in many ways is a traditional conservative Chinese patriarch, found of espousing Chinese values" (Chinoy, June 30th 1997). Such a statement reinforces the previous ones, which are enough to hint broadly at the American public that Hong Kong is bound to run into problems at some stage in its future, and this is because of the conflicting values between Communism and democracy. Though leaders promise otherwise, there is little guarantee what the future could hold.

CHAPTER III: Methodology of Research

Research Method:

Term Paper on American Television Coverage of the Assignment

The research method being chosen to verify the research question presented is a case study based on media reports. The facts that reveal the attitude of American Television coverage of the 'handover' of Hong Kong are ones that certainly need to be taken from their sources directly. This enables one to learn about the exact use of terms around particular events. Concerning the 'handover' of Hong Kong, it is imperative for one to take into consideration reports from television coverage. These reports are ones that contain the exact words of reporters and the people whose opinions they have used in their reports. From these reports, it is fitting for one to assert that the direct words that have been used indicate the exactness of sentiments regarding this issue.

Reporters usually contemplate what attitude is prevalent, and so, develop themselves in order to present what the public have to say. However, in particular cases, it may be asserted that it is these very reporters that distort the way that things really are. They may even do so by making use of the opinions that can easily be twisted around.

It must be realized that by plucking one or two quotations out of an original view does not really authenticate an individual's words, no matter who utters. Hence, both sides of the coin have to be examined in order to provide a more accurate picture of the situation. This is why in contrast to the American television coverage it is also necessary to have a look at what the people in Hong Kong have to say regarding the make over from Democratic to Communist rule.

In addition to observing both sides of the story, it is also to take into consideration the historical aspects of the issue. As it is known that Democracy and Communism have been against each other for more than a hundred years, it might be asserted that there is no wonder that Democratic conservatives fear for Hong Kong. However, the fear would not be all over America unless someone emphasized on these notions.

In addition to examining the notions in this situation, it is also worth taking a logical road to comprehending the situation. An analysis of the past and present would reveal more than what people say about each pother and themselves. Hence, if one were to analyze the transition from one form of rule to another, it is obvious that the greater ruler would eventually engulf a smaller region like Hong Kong in no time. This is particularly worth considering because of the fact that there was overwhelming support for the 'handover'. In light of this momentous support for this 'handover' it does not seem reasonable to assume that it reflects the complete opposite. If so, that would mean that one's analysis is fallacious.

Quite reasonably then, one can say that a presentation of notions from both sides (Hong Kong citizens and Americans), a historical consideration and also logical and unbiased view and analysis can reveal whether or not the messages in American News Coverage were really necessary for the American public.

Case Study:

Evidently, it can be taken into consideration that the historical aspect as well as the will of the people bears significance. This is because it is the people that make history, and so, in light of what American News coverage tells one it is fitting to assert that these views (American Views) cannot really be relied on. This is particularly true because the rest of the world knows that at the time of the 'handover' of Hong Kong, the whole region was rejoicing to say the least.

There were however few democrats that attempted to make their points known to the public there and the rest of the world that this 'handover' was not the correct step to take. Certainly, they were concerned regarding the future of Democracy in Hong Kong, but on the other hand it may also be asserted that since Hong Kong was a Jewel in the region economically speaking, it may have been the reason for those protests.

A further analysis of the facts and how they are presented would reveal more detail of protests against the 'handover'. Analyzing both sides of the globe (America and Hong Kong) would reveal interesting similarities too because of the fact that occurrences in both places do go hand in glove.

The occurrences in Hong Kong directly triggered the American News Coverage, and the news coverage triggered sentiments which focused on the 'handover' issue. In this way, a circular patter has been formed, revealing that American attention will be on this region (Hong Kong) presently and in the future as well.

Considering the present-day scenario as well, with unrest in Hong Kong regarding Democratic vs. Communist rule issues, it is worth asserting that there might be need for intervention. After all, when democracy does not prevail, American attention soon follows up. However, today, the attention paid to this region and the issues with it do not only concern the Americans but also the international community.

CHAPTER IV: Discussion and Analysis

In view of the concern that has been directed at Hong Kong during the 'handover', it must be asserted that Hong Kong is a region on which America has its eyes on. It is in fact hot spot for China and the rest of East Asia. However, it is more appropriate to focus on why Hong Kong has gained this attention.

As history has it, Hong Kong is a region that has been occupied and developed by the British Colonists into one of the busiest economies in the world. It is a region that one would not willingly give up. However, colonization is considered a cardinal sin in contemporary times where Democracy is supposed to make sure that people live according to the way they will; under British rule, the people naturally were not happy. They whole-heartedly supported the 'handover' of Hong Kong as a result, with small numbers protesting against the 'handover'.

While this was the situation in Hong Kong, American News coverage made use of the historical conflict between Democracy and Communism, reinforced by the protests and possible transformations in Hong Kong. Their portrayal of messages may not have been biased, but they were certainly ones that gave the Average American reason to doubt the success of this 'handover'. However, history has proven otherwise, in spite of the present situation n Hong Kong.

It also must be asserted that one cannot really say that the American News coverage was baseless, as the situation today reinforces it. Yet, it is still worth asserting that what the American news coverage portrayed was unnecessary, as it went out of its way to instill notions against the transition. At that time, there was no need for that because of the fact that one could have hoped for the best. Also, a logical understanding of this might reveal to one that it is inevitable for the more influential Communist China to engulf Hong Kong instead of the opposite happening, as might have been expected.

It seems apparent that the coverage broadly predicted the state of affairs… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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