Amerindians (Wright) What Is Your Gut Reaction Case Study

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¶ … Amerindians

(Wright) What is your gut reaction to this reading? That once again, a comedy of errors turned into a serious situation when confronting another culture. The Europeans did not understand the Amerindians, the Amerindians did not understand the Conquistadores. The mighty empires fell because they had no guns, germs, or steel (with apologies to Jared Diamond). Numerous similarities exist between the conquest of the Aztec and Inca, and one or two different actions could have changed history completely. There was arrogance on both sides. Atawallpa thought he could use the "others" to enhance his position, Pizzaro was confident that Spanish might and religious destiny would prevail.

Give the date, place and basic elements of the successful confrontation the Spanish had with Inca Atawallpa and his soldiers. November 15-16, 1532; Cajamarca. Each side misunderstood what the other side was saying -- and, according to eyewitness accounts; "abused what the other held dear." Atawallpa was so confident in meeting the Spanish he came in with no weapons, and insisted that the Spanish repay all the damage they had done. The Spanish were insulted, gunfire erupted and the Spanish began massacring estimates up to 10,000 people. The Spanish then took Atawallpa hostage for gold and silver.

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According to Wright's account, what do you think is the main reason or reasons that Inca Atawallpa lost this confrontation? Wright points out that it was not just Spanish arrogance, but more their technology. Atawallpa could not conceive that any human would treat him with disrespect, and therefore was arrogant to the extreme about most every issue incurred. It was really a fluke that the Spanish were place in such a tight area, where gunpowder and steel could do the most damage. The confrontation occurred over cultural misunderstandings and was won simply by the differences in tactics and technology.

Case Study on Amerindians (Wright) What Is Your Gut Reaction Assignment

(Mann) What's your gut reaction to this reading? The book, 1491, is really not so much about what occurred during the year before Columbus landed, but what it stands for -- that Columbus was not the first to visit the Americas, that the Mesoamerican populations were more advanced than assumed, and that they were not as harmonious with nature as we thought. It seemed to me that this is a revisionist look at a sociological, cultural and anthropological viewpoint; speculative in nature because of surviving evidence and the requirements of inference. In something akin to the H.G. Well's WAR OF THE WORLDS, the conquest… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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