Anabolic Steroids Ergogenic Aids Are Devices, Drugs Term Paper

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Anabolic Steroids

Ergogenic aids are devices, drugs, procedures and other substances that are constantly used to increase energy level in an individual and increase his/her performance. Mostly these substances are used by sports persons who want results but instead of facing the other competitors on fair grounds they stimulate their muscles so that their metabolism does not work normally and thereby winning tournaments with ease. Ergogenic aids are prohibited in almost all sporting ventures with strict punishments attached to those found using them. Some of the substances that are regarded as energy complements are sold as food supplements (health supplements). Sometimes sports personalities use these substances without their knowledge; they might buy food supplements that contain some of the prohibited substances and end up being ejected from sporting events (Mangi, 2002, p.67).

Ergogenic aids can be classified as; sports supplements: sports persons are often faced with the temptation of using alternative nutrition to boost their energy. The nutrition that they might opt for are protein supplements, Ribose, Glucosamine, Glutamine, Creatine and B-Vitamin. Most of these supplements are not illegal, however there are other parallel substance that sports men/women can use which are banned by almost sporting bodies. The banned substances are;Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Anabolic Steroids Ergogenic Aids Are Devices, Drugs, Assignment

First, Ephedrine (banned but still easily acquired) helps athletes to endure and increase their energies. Ephedrine has many side effects on the users and should be avoided at all costs. Second, Anabolic Steroids; they perform in the same manner as the male testosterone; they improve the athletes performance although it has serious health implications on the user. Third, Caffeine; is a natural substance that has been in use for a very long time. Caffeine has no major health implications but most sporting organizations have prohibited the use of this substance. Fourth, Amphetamines; this substance stimulates the nervous system by improving the speed of response, concentration and gives the individuals self-confidence. Amphetamines reduce appetite and are highly addictive (Laura, 2006, p.72).

Many athletes prefer using stimulus to improve their performance in the fields, steroids also known as corticosteroids or anabolic are strong substances that athletes have been using over a long time. People concur that steroids accelerates the metabolism and enables the athletes to perform much better than they can when they are not under the influence of the steroids. However, steroids have been tested and proven to be dangerous to the user's health; consequently use of the stimulus in the fields is abolished all over the world and those who still use the do so contrary to the regulations (Sailer & Stephen, 1999).

Effects of Anabolic Steroid Use on Performance

Steroids have been found to improve the alertness and the skill of the athletes on the tracks. After using the steroids for sometime, the muscles of the athlete starts to bulge, there is general increase in strength in both male and female users; the level of endurance on the track also improves tremendously (Mangi, 2002, p.75). The level of confidence the athlete increase aggressiveness and competitiveness of an individual which are key traits in any sporting field.

Steroids help in the growth of bones and quick recovery of wasted tissues. This means the athlete won't miss out on events due to injuries and also he/she will have strong bones that will not be easily damaged, thus they will have time to participate in as many sporting activities as possible.

Steroids are Different from human Growth Hormones

The normal body hormone are regulated and produced by various glands when a response (either voluntary or involuntary) is received in the central nervous system. The brain instructs the gland to produce the hormone in the required quantity to counter the stimulus that caused the response (Legal: Overview, 2008). Thus with natural hormones mutation and disfigurement is not a possibility because the level is regulated by the body systems according to the requirements.

On the other hand, synthetic hormone, with Anabolic Steroids inclusive are self-induced substance and an individual injects or consumes the quantity they think will help achieve specific results in sports. Luck of control in the quantity of these hormones in the body interferes with the metabolism and other body functions; e.g. The liver may be damaged due to overworking in an attempt to detoxicate the blood and bring the body conditions back to norm (Steroids, 2007).

Corticosteroids are used medically to manage body swelling, controlling lupus and Asthma. Anabolic steroids are similar to the Corticosteroids only that anabolic Steroids are more popular due to their wide usage by the athletes. Anabolic Steroids are synthetic hormones that are used to prevent muscle breakdown and enhance development of muscles in athletes. Steroids help retain the body proteins which are the basic body, muscle and skin growing elements. Athletes mostly use Androstenedione, a variety of steroids that is good in muscle reconstructions and building. Medically the substance is known to raise the production of testosterone and subsequently a lot of damage ensues in the body of the users (

Use of steroids is dangerous and can even cause death. Most of the deaths that are linked to steroids use are suicide, liver infections, homicide, cancer and heart diseases.

In the early days, steroids were common with the college peers, but with time it found its way into the sporting world when people realized that it could improve their results (Sherman, 2000, p.13). The substances are now being used by professional player and in Olympics.

Medical Risks of Steroid Use

Long time usage of steroids has detrimental health implications on both male and female; the body systems start overworking trying to make up for the excess hormones in the body; as a result these people may end up suffering from heart attack, hypertension, muscle clamps, baldness, acne, liver complications and sleeping problems. These health problems may appear long after an individual quit using the substances. Some people who over indulge in steroid use may suffer from partial personality changes; the individual conduct is affected by hormonal levels in the body (Beckett, 2003, p.186).

Anabolic steroids have been increasing in popularity because they work for athletes and other sports personalities. Steroids work as catalysts in the muscle fibers and stimulate the cells to produce a lot of proteins that are responsible for growth of muscles. Steroids also increase the level of testosterone in the body which can result in body fluid retention and inflammation of muscles without increase in strength (Mangi, 2002, p.45). However, after the athlete stops using the substances, the body systems are already affected by the excess amount of induced hormone. After the athlete stop using steroids, the body won't have anything to control muscle development and tissue development. The body immunity is reduced as hormonal regulation by the central nervous system has already been tampered with. The victims suffer both psychologically and physically.

Due to competitiveness on the tracks, athletes use steroids to gain advantage over their competitors. Steroids encourage growth of new muscles tissues and increase the body strength. Anabolic steroids work in a simpler way as the testosterone and encourage development of male characteristic such as growth of testicle, thickened vocal cord, growth of hair, development of breasts, and loss of hair, impotency and reduced sperm count (Collins, 2003, 178).

Summary on Exercise Science

Anabolic steroids helps athletes in their trainings; they are able to train harder when they under the influence of the substances. Steroids also aid quick recovery for the athletes and they do not have to stay out of action for a long time. People who have at one time used steroids in their practices find it difficult to cope without using them. Anabolic steroids reduces carbolic effects that usually occur under intense training, thus the athlete will not shed their muscle tissues even if they train for long time (Goldberg, 1996, p.1556).

The synthetic hormones hinder the operation of cortisol that is responsible for muscle break down during exercise. Adrenal cortex secretes cortisol and other hormones that aid athlete during the recovery process, cortisol causes tissue breakdown to help in the build up of the damaged organs and it is also responsible for inflammation and injuries that accompany intense practice (Laura, 2006, p.65). If an individual is ingesting or injecting steroids into his/her body, effects of cortisol are minimized or diminished altogether.

Steroids prevent building up of cortisol hence there are no muscle fatigue, breakdown of tissues and quickens the tissue recovery process. Steroids are found to work well for the athletes but will reverse the benefits after the athlete stops using them. Cortisol secretion in the body increases and the individual develops abnormal male characteristics due increased levels of male hormones from the glands (Mangi, 2002, p.56).


Although Ergogenic aids, especially anabolic steroids, are banned by many sports leading bodies, they are still popular with many athletes. The benefits of the drugs to the sports men and women can not be undermined. The steroids improve the general performance of an individual but reduce he/her sporting life. Individual athletes should shun from engaging in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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