Analysis of Clinical Depression Capstone Project

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These four sessions are important since they will address various issues relating to developing coping skills for handling major depressive disorder.

The goal of the first session will be to help the student identify how his/her condition is affecting his/her ability to handle academics and relationships. The second session will focus on helping the student develop self-advocacy skills while the goal of the third one is to create strategies for managing the impact of the condition's symptoms in the school setting. The fourth session will be centered on teaching the student how to seek adult help/support when experiencing difficulties in coping with the condition. These goals and objectives are suitable because it will help the student develop suitable coping and management skills for dealing with symptoms and impact of the condition.

The counseling approach that will be used in this intervention plan is psychotherapy, which has proven to be a suitable measure for managing the condition. Psychotherapy will be used because it helps in identifying the core causes of the individual's condition and how to deal with its symptoms through developing coping skills. The counseling intervention that will be used based on this counseling approach is individual therapy, which entails working one-on-one with the student. This intervention will be used because it enables the counselor to give full-attention to the student towards developing of coping strategies.

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Capstone Project on Analysis of Clinical Depression Assignment

Apart from individual counseling, group counseling will also be utilized for a middle school student with major depressive disorder. When working with a student with this condition, group counseling process will consist of three sessions that are carried out once a week. The goal of the first session is to help the student develop interpersonal behavior skills since this condition is characterized by difficulties in relationships. The second session will be centered on how to create support groups that help the student cope with the condition. This is an important objective because multiple support groups are crucial towards helping the student cope with major depressive depression and learn how to interact. The third session will focus on helping the student identify positive behavioral patterns through developing new activities that contribute to behavior change. Behavior modification is important in group counseling because it enables an individual to identify and avoid behavioral patterns that increase the impact of the condition.

Group counseling will be based on interpersonal counseling approach, which focuses on the impact of social interaction on depression. The use of this approach in group counseling is suitable since it examines how the individual responds to social situations and interpersonal behaviors that contribute to development of a depressive mood or depression symptoms (Ng, 2014). The counseling interventions to be utilized include group therapy and psychodynamic counseling since they help in identifying interpersonal deficits and resolving any conflicts.

In conclusion, major depressive disorder is one of the most common psychiatric conditions that have severe impacts on individuals. This condition affects people across all ages, genders, nationalities, and ethnicities/race. Women are more affected by this condition unlike men because of their vulnerabilities to stressors that contribute to depression. For middle school students with this condition, individual and group counseling help in developing coping tactics.


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