Analysis of Google Technology and Impact on Society Research Paper

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¶ … Google self-driving car or automobile project is a feasible technology that is designed and aimed at taking people to their destination, without them driving, at just the push of a button. In essence, this automobile is able to process information, from maps and its sensors, to determine where exactly it is located. The car is able to identify the street and lane that it is currently located. The sensors enable the car to detect any and all object that surround it, and therefore, be able to move with much safety. The cars are reliant on the software and the sensors to move around, as it is able to detect any pedestrians or cars along the road, and also its location (Google Website, n.d.).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Analysis of Google Technology and Impact on Society Assignment

The self-driving car once unveiled to the general public and society, will have such a huge and constructive impact. To start with, this technological advancement will make it possible for all people to move around to different localities in an easy and safe manner, irrespective of their capability to drive a car (Google Website, n.d.). For instance, individuals who are visually impaired and also the aged population would not have to be forced to give up their autonomy and independence, and they would safely take themselves to different locations. Another benefit includes the fact that people would be able to utilize and make the most of their time doing different things, while commuting to the different locations (Google Website, n.d.). This implies that there would be increased productivity amongst individuals. One other massive constructive impact is the decrease in the number of deaths that arise from traffic accidents. Statistics indicate that every year, there are more than 1.2 million accidents, which take place. Taking into consideration that over 90% of these accidents are resultant from human mistakes and error, the introduction of the self-driving car will have immeasurable benefit in reducing these occurrences (Google Website, n.d.). For instance, there would be no car accidents arising from drunk driving, or sleep due to fatigue, as individuals would be able to be taken to their respective destinations safe and sound. With the advancement in technology, the software installed within the car is able to process all of the data and information to enable the car to safely navigate the transportation systems, devoid of getting tired or distracted in any sort of way. This will be largely beneficial to the society at a large (Google Website, n.d.).

Analysis of the Google Glass

Google Glass is an innovative wearable technology device invented by Google. In essence, it is a pair of glasses that has a built-in computer, which can easily undertake several of the functions and tasks undertaken by a smartphone. The device has a prism display built inside it, which is controlled through voice and motion control. This makes it possible to browse the internet, make video recordings, be able to upload information to social media networks and also be able to answer phone calls without hands (Thomas, 2013).

Google has a positive as well as negative impact on the society. There are numerous constructive impacts of Google on the society. For instance, it can be employed for law enforcement and terrorism. The use of the device presents greater prospects for communication amongst agencies of law enforcement, and also the coordination of special response teams. It can also be helpful to document illegal activities. However, the drawback is that terrorists can also adversely use this to their advantage. Google Glass can also be beneficial in transforming education. Educational information could be easily projected to a student at any place and time (Hoffman, 2013). One other benefit is that Google Glass has a great potential of totally replacing satellite navigation systems, and it functions whether the user is walking, driving or traveling, when using the public systems of transportation (Thomas, 2013).

One of the negative impacts of Google Glass encompasses privacy concerns. There is great objection towards the manner in which the technology will infringe on the privacy rights of individuals. Google Glass can at all times be taking photos and recording, without the knowledge and consent of the user and other individuals. In addition, this piece of technology can also inadvertently share sensitive data and information, for example, the user's PIN number when the device is not turned off. It is also quite worrying in terms of societal impact, as the Google Glasses can easily give a display of private information, such as social security numbers and also social media information, and appearances of individuals. More so, Google Glass brings the fear of being hacked, and thereby, sensitive information being shared to the world. There are also concerns that through Google Glass, the company might be able to attain access to the subconscious of an individual, as it can easily track the eye as well as head movement of an individual. Such information obtained can be employed to urge an individual to purchase goods and services, and also send them luring advertisements (Thomas, 2013).

Analysis of the Google Fiber

Google Fiber as an aspect of technology has a massive impact on the society. Google Fiber offers three major inventive and revolutionary aspects. It offers super fast internet and TV like no other service provider. Google offers internet service bundles of 1,000 Mbps, in terms of both downloading and uploading speeds. These are speeds which are 100 times faster, in comparison to the internet speeds that individuals are used to in the present day (Des Marais, 2013). On the other hand, Google Fiber offers tens of thousands of television shows and movies, all at one place. The users can employ smart TV to be able to discover new channels and watch some of their favorite shows. Google Fiber has profoundly transformed the discussion regarding broadband in the United States, and produced key disruption in the customary telecommunications industry. No longer is the discussion and debate subjugated by old-fashioned authorities, whose local cartels have reduced or removed feasible competition, but by societies who want to capitalize in their broadband infrastructure to appeal the succeeding group of industries and young individuals. It has also enforced the main telecommunications companies, such as AT&T and Comcast, to spend in their infrastructure to provide services as well as prices that can compete and contest in the market (Thomson, 2015).

The positive impact of Google Fiber on the society is immense and vast. To start with, such fast internet speeds are beneficial in terms of ensuring that there are no buffering videos in the internet, cloud gaming does not slow down or hang the internet in the household, and also making it possible to have high definition (HD) videoconferencing for the average member of the public (Des Marais, 2013). More so, Google Fiber offers a cheaper and more cost effective option for the consumers. For instance, according to Des Marais (2013), consumers who are satisfied with the 5 Mbps connection provided by the company can obtain it for free for a period of 7 years, subsequent to paying a construction fee of $300. One of the worrying or negative aspects of Google Fiber lies with privacy concerns. Google already has a vast knowledge regarding its users, including the things they purchase, where they go online and also where they travel with their phones. The inclusion of Google, knowing the consumption data of their movies and TV, might bring some concern to the users in general (Des Marais, 2013).

Analysis of the Smart Contact Lenses

In the present moment, through the use of wearable devices, technology is being made much friendlier, compared to what once seemed conceivable. However, with the invention of smart contact lenses, Google has kicked it up a notch higher. The smart contact lenses is designed by Google and purposed to solve one of the major issues in the health sector, which is presently being faced by the nation, and that is, diabetes (Tsukayama, 2014). This device being unveiled by Google is basically a soft contact lens that consists of a sensor, which is able to measure the level of glucose in tears. The manner in which it functions is that the lens has a small pinhole, which permits tear fluid to percolate over the glucose observer to acquire consistent interpretations from the readings. This makes it possible to obtain a reading once in every second. In addition, the lens has a miniature protuberance, a capacitor and a switch, so that the information collected from the lens can shift from the eye to a device where such information and data can be read and scrutinized (Tsukayama, 2014).

The societal impact of the smart contact lenses will be immense. For several years, physicians and medical researchers have pondered and wondered about coming up with ways to measure glucose levels through the fluid in the eye, but had constantly found difficulties in capturing and analyzing the tears. With the introduction of this technology, this will be possible. Statistics indicate that about 382 million individuals across… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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