Analysis of Quantitative Research Term Paper

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Analysis of Quantitative Research

The research paper uses quantitative research to determine the causes

of traffic in front of the Burton Barr Library and then tries to make

connections to the causes of the problem and ultimately offer possible

solutions to correct the problem if it does exist. This research was

conducted because many disabled visitors, young children, and other people

are interfered with by cars unnecessarily blocking the front of the Burton

Barr Library.

The research plan includes good information, but is lacking in

connecting the strategy to the findings. The problem is made clear and the

significance is concise and powerful. After reading the beginning of the

research paper- the introduction, focus, purpose, and significance- I was a

believer in the need for this research. However, after this there are some

dilemmas which follow. For example, the topic and questions section

appears to be thrown in randomly and more insight into their particular

importance and value to the work should be noted. Furthermore, it would be

beneficial if there was more detail on the research design. For example it

said observations were made, but it would be of better if some of the

thought process that went behind the observations was expressed. It is

clear that observations were made by the very nature of the research paper,Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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thus more adequate and extensive background into the observations would be

serving to the project.

On that note, the findings were not articulated very clearly. There

is no data reported; the research report immediately begins to classify the

data. Before data is broken down into categories for analysis, it would

perhaps be better to explain the process which the data is evaluated. The

original categories projected in the pre-research introduction are used.

There should be a link connecting the two.

However, the findings are articulated clearly and convincingly.

Term Paper on Analysis of Quantitative Research the Research Paper Assignment

After studying the research report, I believe that the categories that

exist are likely the best possible categorization of the traffic in front

of the library possible. Using the example of the post-man in front of the

library helps to clarify the points and allow for the report to be applied

to everyday occurrences that will help the reader to understand the

importance of the research paper.

For the most part the research report is well composed and very clear

in its points. The writing is impressive and the content is

understandable. There are no grammar or spelling errors, but something

that should be pointed out is that the spacing between the end of sentences

and the first word of the next sentence is not very clear. Perhaps two

spaces after a period will help to separate the end of one sentence for the

start of another.

The research report includes unique findings. Many of the findings

are not what people would commonly associate with at libraries and would

not consider them to be a problem. Furthermore, given the data,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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