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Shimano is a Japanese company that manufactures bicycle parts. In the United States, its primary headquarters is in Southern California; it exceeded a billion dollars in sales in 2005.

Stated at a very high-level, the principle strengths of this company are a dedicated following of cycling enthusiasts, while its principle weakness was the fact that it only built bicycle parts, and not actually bikes themselves. The primary threat was the fact that business throughout the industry for recreational cyclers had substantially declined. The most central opportunity for growth was that all of the millions of Americans not riding bikes were an untapped, lucrative market.

The bulk of the research that Shimano conducted in order to see how most effectively to capitalize on the untapped cycling industry was actually performed by Palo Alto consultant company Rideo. The methodology this company used to figure out how to get more cyclists was to determine what sorts of things Americans were doing for fun, and figure out how to relate that to cycling. It headquartered Shimano representatives in Palo Alto during the duration of the research, and interviewed people to glean insight into this quandary. The most pervasive and profound information gained was that people enjoyed cycling as children, and that the contemporary market had become too specialized and stratified.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: SWOT on Analytic Response Assignment

4. The outcome of this research was that there was a wholesale change in the nature of the cycling industry. Shimano built a simplified bicycle that stylistically and aesthetically recaptured the simplicity of cycling for children. Moreover, it made a point to systematically restructure the way that the sales component of this industry is conducted. Once bikes were made by OEM that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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