Resume: Analyzing Col Billy Jack Carter Award

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Col Billy Jack Carter Award

As we are all aware, the Colonel Billy Jack Carter Award is conferred on the person deemed to have contributed most significantly to the protection of Air Force resources or employees in the course of the current Fiscal Year (i.e., from 1st October, 2015 to 30th September, 2016). This award is granted for a particular contribution, event, or act. 377th Security Police Squadron was being headed by Colonel Billy Jack Carter. This squadron made a name for itself in the 1968 Tet Offensive at South Vietnam's Tan Son Nhut Air Base. The Colonel was the nation's first ever career security policeman to be granted the position of Air Force Security Police Director. For the current Fiscal Year (i.e., 2016), let me briefly cite a candidate, Master Sergeant Blasengame's accomplishments and contributions.

Master Sergeant Blasengame was responsible for directing Intelligence and Anti- Terrorism for a total of five Geographic Separate Units. The Master Sergeant played an instrumental role in the fortification and securing of a 1.3- billion- dollars' worth asset covering 4,500 acres of land. He successfully analyzed and derived strategic insights within the United States Air Force Combat Support Wing's Intelligence Fusion Cell information, in collaboration with the U.S. President, Defense Department, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) teams and Department of State. Furthermore, he excellently managed Anti- terror mitigation action via the 350- million- dollar MILCON (Military Construction) venture, for the EIC (European Infrastructure Consolidation). Master Sergeant Blasengame demonstrated his superior networking capability in collaboration with law enforcement officials of the host country, Defense Ministry, and Department of State, for securing a total of 4,300 personnel (total assets worth 450 million dollars).

Master Sergeant Blasengame's responsibilities include coordinating among 8 separate Law Enforcement Organizations. He took a vow to defend the region he is in charge of from attacks like those that occurred in France and Belgium and to date, he has remained successful. The Master Sergeant has protected 1.3 billion dollars' worth of resources with no fatalities. He has been assigned the responsibility of controlling teams such as Ministry of Defense Police and Security Force; overseeing Anti- Terrorism action; and managing a fourth of Europe -- United States Communications (his up- time record is 99.7%). Master Sergeant Blasengame's team has also been awarded the NCOQ (Non- Commission Officer of the Quarter) and Team of Quarter awards. For the current Fiscal Year, he has acted in the capacity of Parish Advisory Council President, strengthened community relations, and led twenty-five events, handling a $65,000 budget. His educational qualification includes a Management Degree (91.6% GPA (grade point average)) from the Michigan State University and Villanova's Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.… [END OF PREVIEW]

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