Analyzing Consumer Behavior Research Research Paper

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The study primary focuses on answering one key question by answering a few number of sub-questions that intricate factors encircle the research question. The primary target for the study is consumers, both male and female, between the ages of 25 and 45 years. Understanding their behaviors, perceptions, as well as outlooks regarding determinant attributes that influence their product selection constitute the main objective of the research. Taking into account the nature of the research study, the researcher aims to have the utmost objectivity in order to facilitate the advancement of a representative research study.

The research project is expected to take 4 weeks where the researcher will dedicate five to six hours every day in the research. In the course of this period, the researcher will carry out all the intricate issues and stages of the research, which take into account obtaining appointments with the participants and data collection, analysis and presentation. Accordingly, the time plan encompasses the research project from its start to its culmination. The chart below signifies the distribution of activities in the time plan (projected research design and period):



Introduction/ background

2 days


2 days

Literature Review

3 days

Methodology (Questions)

3 days

Data Collection

6 days

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Data Analysis

5 days


2 days


1 days


1 days

Executive Summary

1 days

Glossary & References

1 day

Review and Hand out

3 days

Research Paper on Analyzing Consumer Behavior Research Assignment

Total (15 weeks)

30 days

Consumer Behaviors

The consumer behavior examined and analyzed in this research study is supermarket selection. The values of a person in general may impact the individual's preferences and behaviors of selection. Culture and personal values have an impact on the purchasing behavior of consumers on this product category. For example, if a sense of shopping ease is an important value for an individual, then there is the likelihood that the person will have a preference of a supermarket that offers a sense of ease, for instance, having variety of brands in one store and being easy to locate. As a result, the consumers may regularly attend, take part in and consume through the supermarket that generates and nurtures a sense of ease for them (Baba, 2003). This research study examines the relationships that exist between personal values and consumption preferences for supermarkets. In particular, cultural values are deemed the vehicles that convey culturally-ascertained knowledge that disseminates from one generation to another. Such cultural values are mixed into a certain group, thereafter imparted, and communicated to the subsequent generation. Consequently, values persevere and carry on over time, and as a result may have an impact on the manner in which consumers behave (Nayeem, 2012).


Values might be one of the most essential variables adding to the impact of culture on the behavior of consumers with regard to selection of supermarkets. In particular, the value concept, over and above any other concept, ought to occupy a dominant position that has the capability of uniting the seemingly varied interests of all the knowledges focused on human behavior. In addition, values provide a manner of comprehending a person's decision-making because there is a likelihood of the correspondence to the beliefs and behaviors of consumers (Gau and James, 2014). Values put forth a key impact on the consumers' behavior, therefore acting as determinants for their decision-making in a subtle selection amongst brands, products or in any state of affairs where struggle of choice is existent. It is commonly acknowledged that selection criteria are centered on a person's social values. Choice measures are impacted by criteria individuals have put in place for themselves to choose and validate the actions of their own and that of others (Kaze, 2010). Nonetheless, individuals are not born with particular values, which are significantly created in a practice of socialization that comes about through education, social groups or from one person to another. For instance, in this case, numerous consumers in the present times opt for supermarkets that offer organic products as well as fresh products. This is owing to education, which shows consumers that such products are much healthier and provide a better lifestyle (Kaze, 2010).

Results, Conclusions, Quantitative Analysis, and Analysis of Consumer Behavior

The following section provides a record of the survey results. This takes into account a record of how each of the 15 participants rated each determinant attribute overall and in relation to the product brand (b), which together indicate the effect of each determinant attribute on the decision to purchase each specific brand (b*e). This is based on the Fishbein formula which is A= ?be, where e = the importance of the determinant attribute on a scale of -3 to +3;

b = belief value that a specific brand of the product type has the determinant attribute. This is measured on a scale of -3 to +3;

A = the sum of all consumer attribute values (b * e) for a particular brand, or the overall brand score.

Part 1: Please identify based on the scale provided below how important each item ranks when selecting a supermarket

Important [+3] [+2] [+1] [0] [-1] [-2] [-3] Unimportant
































A supermarket that is located nearby



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