Analyzing Future Life Plan Essay

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Future Life Plan

At some point in life, every individual will ask him/herself the question of what to do with their lives. As a senior in college, it is now high time for me to seriously reflect on this matter prior to graduating from college. I have spent considerable time pondering over the right path for me, and have identified three milestones I need to cross in future, namely: embarking on a career as a dedicated doctor; earning a scholarship for further studies abroad; and helping native orphans. But goals without plans are merely wishful thinking. I believe planning resembles plotting a map, which guides us towards whatever destination we are seeking. After having the map in hand, finding the way to what I need will become a more efficient and easier process. Further, the map will teach me the risks of losing myself on the path of life. While some goals and plans may evolve over time, having a plan will help me commence my journey effectively.

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The very first plan I ever made was to pursue my education to become a medical surgeon / physician. The idea first popped up in my mind at the age of ten, when a traumatic event occurred within my family -- the demise of my grandma due to heart failure. The memory is unforgettable for me, and I deeply regretted the absence of the right individuals to save her. I felt if I knew how to save her, she would still be with us today. Ever since her demise, I have dreamt of someday joining the field of medicine to aid my family and other people. After earning my graduate degree from the medical college, I will pursue a post-graduate degree in the field of public health from Harvard University. As innumerable candidates aspire to earn their way into Harvard, I will be faced with intense competition when it comes to acquiring enrolment in this esteemed university. For preparing for this leg of my journey, I need to do well at college, and study hard, as considerable efforts go into becoming a doctor/surgeon.

Essay on Analyzing Future Life Plan Assignment

I yearn for a lifestyle which will always reflect the Lord in me. Additionally, I wish for a family, as well as a fruitful career. I will be careful to avoid getting into a stressful and hectic lifestyle where I will be constantly running, without a moment to pause and enjoy life's little things. I wish for an adequate workload in the jobs I will hold, but with sufficient leisure time to ensure I am not too caught up in life's difficulties. My biggest concern is if I try to overwork myself, I will be missing out on life's personal and social dimensions. Another matter I am already very clear on is: I wish to have my kids home-schooled, rather than attending public schools, which means I will need to devote money and time in this regard.

My final plan for the future is to aid orphans living in the nation.

My dream home would be on a South Pacific beach, where I can chase Polynesian children, build one of those classic Polynesian boats, and sail between Tahiti and Hawaii.

I realize the fact that the pay-scale for a doctor's post lies between $20,000 and $40,000 in the region. For a fresher, I feel a salary ranging between $15,000 and $35,000 is reasonable; I wish to receive fair compensation for my efforts. I will remain flexible when it comes to salary requirements, but I believe I possess important skills that will add substantial value to my role as a doctor.

With reference to relationships -- these can be tricky. I have always believed love is no perfect science. Love is not born of specific reason or logic. I believe I need to develop some particular… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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