Analyzing a Health Care Organization Case Study

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Fortis Healthcare

Case Study on Fortis Healthcare Ltd. Information Systems

Fortis healthcare is among the fastest growing healthcare organization, with a state-of -- the art facilities and extreme commitment to quality and safe patient care. The supporters of Ranbaxy Laboratories, which are among the top ten world's generic firms, and India's largest pharmaceutical firms, established the facility in the year 1996. However, some literature suggests that the main founder was the late Dr. Parvinder Singh. His vision for healthcare was to develop a world-class integrated healthcare facility in India through employment of exceptional medical proficiency combined with considerate patient care. The organization is driven by the intention to attain dominance in integrated healthcare, driven by quality, excellence, technology and considerate care (Fortis Hospital, 2001).

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On the other hand, Fortis healthcare provides excellent healthcare services to both the local society and the international community. The chain of healthcare organization aims to achieve its objectives through a combination of modern technology, qualified professionals, and modern facilities. The healthcare organization made its first step to achieve a world-class healthcare provider through the establishment of its first hospital at Mohali, Punjab. A current facility, Noida Fortis Hospital was opened in the year 2004. The hospital specializes in orthopedics, neuroscience, and cardiac sciences. Since then, the company has advanced to over 11 countries, and running over 70 hospitals, which have provided employment opportunities to over 23000 people in the world.

Case Study on Analyzing a Health Care Organization Assignment

Literature suggests that most of the organization's growth has been inorganic. The firm has a substantial asset base in India, which makes it have exceptional capabilities and knowledge in healthcare business, which has further given the healthcare firm distinctive skills about the countries to venture and how to compete. This, in addition, has made the healthcare organization to become one of the largest private health providers in India. In this regard, the organization has a network of 28 hospitals, including satellite centers, heart command centre, which can hold around 3300 beds (Fortis Healthcare, 2011).

The healthcare organizations include multi-specialty centers, which provide tertiary and quarterly healthcare services. Throughout the years, the company has managed to maintain its success and growth. It has managed to grow through the acquisition and development of other small healthcare organizations in the region. In addition, the healthcare organization has engaged in joint ventures with other foreign healthcare providers in an effort to enter the international market (Sagar & Praveena, 2013). Notably, the organization treats over 350 inpatients and many outpatients daily, which have made the healthcare organization to generate substantial revenues to improve its patient delivery system.

Company Analysis

Internal Strengths

Notably, the healthcare organization has managed to grow extensively within a short time. This is evidence that the organization is under good management. The company first came to the limelight in the year 2001, but currently, it has managed to grow across the globe. This growth has seen to the employment of many professionals from diverse culture. It has managed to have a large asset base in India, which has given it a strategic competitive advantage over the other healthcare providers. Another significant and notable strategy used by the company is the hiring of qualified professionals on all its level of care provision (Fortis Hospital, 2001).

Conversely, the health provider has job descriptions for all its employees and potential applicants. This also includes the subordinate and management staff, which explains why the organization has emerged popular. Owing to the services provided in the hospital, all its professionals must be qualified and renowned. This is why people from other countries prefer seeking medical attention and subsequent patient care from the organization. On the other hand, the health provider values its professional code of ethics, both formulated by its own and the one formulated by the healthcare bodies. This has made the firm's professionals to respect each other and strictly observe their professional boundaries in an effort to ensure safety and quality of healthcare.

Fortis Healthcare has collaborated with a variety of nursing schools to ensure that the qualified nurses receive professional training, which will help in ensuring quality of care. For example, it has collaborated with Chitkara University. This has also led to the growth of other professionals in the field of health, some of whom are later employed in the organization. In the case of finances, the company has a chain of healthcare providers across the globe. The revenue collected has helped in the improvement of hospital infrastructure, including the acquisitions of other healthcare technologies to use in patient care provision (Fortis Hospital, 2001).

In all of its chain of hospitals, the organization has reported satisfaction in the quality of care they offer. This is the first step in attaining the trust from the care receivers, and it is a crucial aspect in the growth of the business. This means that care receivers will always prefer Fortis to other health providers in the region. The infrastructure, mainly for acquired healthcare organizations has improved tremendously. This is the first thing the organization does after experiencing success in the acquisition process. The infrastructure has attracted substantial health seekers, and this includes qualified professionals. The health provider has installed state-of -- the art machines, and this includes the most recent machines (Fortis Healthcare, 2011).

The organization, in all of its facilities, has a well-established operational efficiency. This is in terms of the hierarchical structure. In addition, the organization also uses technology, which varies from the use of HIS systems, prescription storage technologies in all of its organizations to ensure there are no medical errors. The technological interventions have helped the company to ensure that there are no auditing problems, to eliminate cases of revenue leakage, seen in most of the healthcare organizations in the region. Alternatively, the organization has ensured that all of its employees, regardless of the level they serve, are satisfied with their jobs.

In this regard, the company has succeeded to acquire some organizations, both locally and internationally. However, there has never been a case where the organization expels the acquired employees. It rather makes them feel comfortable working with a new team from Fortis. The company has also engaged in training of its professionals to ensure they are conversant with the current medical approaches to patient care. On the other hand, the organization has engaged in sophisticated marketing methods to ensure its brand reaches a wide variety of health receiver's throughout the world (Fortis Healthcare, 2011).

In so doing, the company has used the social media, particularly tools such as Face book, Twitter, You tube and it has a working website to ensure it has reached many people. Although some people dispute that the use of "world-class" infrastructure is a lie, reports have come out to confirm. In fact, Fortis has a unique design, which allows natural light to penetrate into all of its parts, particularly, the patient care sectors. In addition, its architecture allows the conservation of energy. Notably, the facilities are earthquake resistant to avoid any disturbance in the provision of care to patients. On the other hand, the facilities use CFL lights, which ensure that there is reduced consumption of power.

The spaces provided in the facilities allow for movement, and most importantly, there are CCTV cameras installed throughout the buildings to ensure digital security. What even make the organization more preferred when compared to other health providers are the many crucial services provided. The services include cardiac or heart operations, knee and hip operations. Some of these services cannot be found in other health providers within the region, and if they are, patients cannot afford the payments. Unlike other healthcare providers, the organization has partnered with insurance companies to ensure that the patients who require insurance coverage can access it from a provider.

Internal Weaknesses

Although Fortis depicts growth in the future, the global healthcare leader does not fall short of internal weaknesses. One of the significant weaknesses is the accommodation of employees from organizations that have failed, particularly those it has acquired. Although this is a noble action, it is a vulnerability, which can cause subsequent failure of the acquired organization (Fortis Hospital, 2001). On the other hand, the company is focused on growth, through acquisition and mergers with other small or failing organizations. This is a good strategy to start with, but in the end, the company can have many organizations to handle, which can result to management issues.

In addition, the focus on growth can also make the organization deviate from its core business of providing quality care to its patients. This can also result to the expansion of the organization, but subsequently result to significant poor performance issues. Consequently, when the firm invests in foreign countries, through foreign direct investment, it engages in a lot of risk. It is apparent that the organization has a strong local foundation, but it is not clear that when it seeks to go to foreign countries, the reception will be the same (Singapore Management University, 2014).

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