Analyzing Marketing Mix Plan Assessment

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Marketing Mix for 'Logan Together'

This report discusses the service marketing mix plan for Logan Together. The report begins with the stating of marketing objectives, which are to create awareness for the project among the target market and conducting an information campaign for the same purpose. A positioning strategy is outlined for Logan Together along with positioning attributes. Further, the service marketing plan is presented, which entails 4 P's of marketing with an extended marketing mix, involving three other factors: people, processes and physical environment. The 7 P's for Logan Together project elaborated in the paper includes perceptual map, point of difference (POD) and point of parity (POP) diagrams for the explanation of the certain aspects of the project.

The report further examines the evaluation and control techniques for the project, for which goals and measures have been set. The next section of the paper introduces an implementation plan and schedule so that marketing plan and its phases denote the time frames required for their respective tasks. The report concludes with recommendations for Logan Together and its improved future results.

Marketing Mix for 'Logan Together'

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Logan Together is a collective community effort to create the best possible opportunities for the children in Logan. The funders of this project include diverse group of people such as Australian Red Cross, Churches of Christ Care, and Queensland Government etc. (Logan Together, n.d.).

Marketing Objectives

There are certain marketing objectives for Logan Together, mentioned below:

As the service offering is new, the marketing objective would be to create awareness about the offering.

The informational campaign would be designed to let the target market know about its actual benefits and outcomes

Selection of Target Market

Assessment on Analyzing Marketing Mix Plan Assignment

The target market for Logan Together can be selected on the basis of "psychographic" segmentation, which includes social class, lifestyles and personality. The market can be further broken down and focused specifically on the 'lifestyle' element since Logan Together believes in bettering the lives of children.

Positioning Strategy

A positioning strategy for Logan is to be devised in a way that the target market does not perceive it to be a government organization, despite being funded by the government. The 'differentiation' strategy for positioning is the best way for doing so since it would let the target market know that Logan stands out for what it does, in terms of its competition and relation to the government. For this purpose, a POD (points-of-difference) and POP (points-of-parity) analysis is developed in order to understand clearly how Logan Together is distinguished in its efforts (see Figure 1 below). The points of parity (POP) are shown in the largest circle in the middle of the diagram, which are similar target market, similar goals and similar action plans. These are the points that the rivals want to imitate. On the other hand, the point of differences (POD) the rivals have set include smaller classes to which they are catering to for better health of children and lifestyle, along with improvement flexibility. These are the reasons for consumer switch that competitors give to their customers.

Figure 1: POP versus POD for Logan Together

Positioning Attributes

The positioning attributes can be numerous when it comes to Logan Together brand positioning. Firstly, the inclusion of community members with an experience to create change would be quite helpful. As with this experience, the collective efforts could be formulated to be accurately suitable for the betterment of the children. The experience and knowledge of the diverse team members would help Logan gain insights into the lifestyles of the target market so that with the help of their knowledge, Logan can plan the marketing strategies in a refined way. Secondly, the ability to drive coordination and cooperation among the community stakeholders, government, health and service providers etc. would assist in gaining the same goals in effective manner.

Perceptual Map

Figure 2: Perceptual map

The perpetual map shows that Logan is currently positioned at 'medium differentiation' and 'medium quality' place. The position that is desirable for Logan Together in the future is marked in the form of red circle, with 'high differentiation' and 'high quality'. The other competitions, A and B, are placed at their respective positions on the perceptual map.

Marketing Mix


Logan Together is a community effort for creating best life opportunities for the children in Logan (Logan Together, n.d.). Logan city is a local government area situated in Brisbane Metropolitan of South East Queensland, Australia. The effort is targeted towards the continuous quality improvement for the children of Australia and that is based on the active participation from the community as well as from the community members that are highly experienced and diverse. Cooperation is required from the stakeholders, educational institutes, health and service providers, schools and their clubs etc., so that a shared vision assists in achieving the developed 'roadmap' for the targets (Logan Together, 2015).


The people in Logan Together are the community members and the supporters that are helping and would help the organization to achieve its goals. They are the community stakeholders, educational institutes, health and service providers, social service entities and the government. They would not be trained as such since they are experts in their fields.


The processes would include the engagement roadmap for the connection of people in the Logan community in order to achieve child development goals. For instance, the stage 1 of this roadmap entails desktop research into existing indicators for development and well-being. Stage 2 involves workshops while stage 3 includes stakeholders' forums for generating ideas and solutions. Stage 4 involves priorities and action planning for the achievement of common vision and an excitement to work towards the fulfillment of goals.

Physical Environment

The service would be based in Australia, especially in the Logan city. The staff does not need to have uniforms as they would be fulfilling duties in their respective areas of expertise, such as school teachers in the schools, service providers in their respective offices etc. There would be little advertising outside the community so that the outside world would know about the existence of the community and its purpose, and if anyone from the outside wants to support, he or she would be welcomed. The meetings would be held within the community's main office and a meeting center made for this special reason.


The price would be the only payment for the services the community members would get, for instance, the cost of the medical help, when a child gets treatment for fever. The doctors' consultation fees and the medical expenses would be the price of the whole service provided by the Logan Together. Similarly, the other services, such as educational fees and expenses would make up the prices. Logan Together does not believe in charging the community members extra for providing them the services, since they are their basic necessities and if they do so, the aim of the whole program would go in vain. Moreover, the pricing strategy that Logan Together aims for is 'market penetration' since the low and basic prices, without the inclusion of profits, would attract more customers and also help in achieving high market share earlier as compared to its competitors. Additionally, the price changes can be adjusted with almost no lead time if the service needs to make some positioning changes or to counter a competitor's initiatives.


The place would be the Logan community and its actual location, which is between Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast (Logan Together, n.d.). It has an easy access to the national highway and rail networks for transport convenience. The area is observing light industrial and commercial activity. All of these factors make it a suitable place for the services to be delivered since the infrastructure availability allows easy transport of food, education and medical facilities to the community members.


The promotional campaign for Logan Together would be 'informational' since there is very little awareness about this project in the target market and the initial strategy would be based on getting the market know about the offering. Moreover, as the project is new, the key objectives that it has set for the year 2016 includes an aim to reach 20% of Logan parents whose children are aged between 0-8 years and go on to reach 100% over the coming years. The specification of this particular age group is so since the firm knows that these are the critical growth and development years of a child. If a healthy developmental growth plan is provided to a child, his/her strong base years would help him/her grow healthy throughout life.

The first promotional tactic that Logan Together can use is to promote literacy when the parents bring their infant or young child to the doctor for regular diagnosis or illness checkups. The healthy language and cognitive development of the child in the initial growing years would help Logan to gain promotional targets, such as creating awareness in the target market. Logan Together can have its pamphlet published on… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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