Analyzing Strategic HR Plan Term Paper

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Strategic HR Plan

Company Background

Values, Vision and Mission

Organizational Structure, Stakeholders, Roles and Responsibilities

PESTEL Analysis

Organization's Market, Competitors and Customer Base

Desired Company Culture

Identify Relevant Legislations, Regulations and Codes of Practice

Develop A SMART Objective For Each Strategic Business

Identify Critical Success Factors (4-6) and Key Performance Indicators

Identify Risks Which Should be Included in a Risk Management Plan

Identify Any Relevant Intellectual Property

Identify Possible Co-Operative Ventures

Identify Appropriate Experts Which Could Be Required In The Future

How Will You Monitor and Evaluate the Implementation of The Plan and Make Refinements as Appropriate

How Will You Review Effectiveness Of Planning Processes And Identify Opportunities ForImprovement?


Strategic HR Plan

Company Background

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Express-Link Couriers is a vibrant transport company that offers services for express courier shipments across the world. The company, based in Western Australia, has been running for more than a decade, and offers total transport solutions. The company is strategically located just next to Perth International Airport. The company is deemed to be the best selection for interstate freights, domestic air freight, global freight and international container cartage (Express-Link Website, 2016). Express-Link Couriers is presently a fast expanding transport company. For instance, in the past year, the company's growth rate was approximately 30%.

Values, Vision and Mission

The following are some of the values of Express-Link Couriers:

1. Transport any object to any location, anywhere in the world

Term Paper on Analyzing Strategic HR Plan Assignment

2. Continue being the most trusted transport provider not only nationally, but also internationally

3. Deliver the service on time, regardless of whether it is by road, sea or air

4. Ensure that there is total client satisfaction (Express-Link Website, 2016).

The company's vision is to be the largest transport services provider in Australia and the partner of choice for all freight companies and forwarders in Australia.

The mission of the company is to create great value for consumers by providing:

1. Services that are time definite and a guarantee of safety

2. One stop cargo handling solutions

3. A platform in which industry and market intelligence can be shared (Express Link, 2004).

Organizational Structure, Stakeholders, Roles and Responsibilities

The organizational structure of Express-Link Couriers is quite simple. The following diagram illustrates the structure of the company, the different stakeholders, together with their roles and responsibilities within the organization.


General Manager

Financial Controller Field Controller

Department Staff Department Staff


Responsibility in the organization

Director -- Mark Thalman

The director acts as the overseer of the organization. Mark plans on taking up the responsibility of the chairman of the organization

Stephen -- General Manager Operations

Responsible for the running of the organization's operations on a day-to-day basis

Maryanne -- Financial Controller

Her responsibility within the organization is to run the financial aspects of the business, the inflow and outflow of cash and the financial apportionments.

Field Controller

Responsible for all the operational running of the organization. This encompasses the transportation, transit and delivery of all the product packages and goods

Internal Analysis

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a beneficial technique employed for understanding the company's Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to it and the Threats it faces. The company can employ this technique to determine whether something is an internal or external factor and how it hampers or benefits the company, not only in the present state, but also in the prospective future (Warner, 2010).


1. Fast Growth -- The company grew by roughly 30% in the last year

2. The company is well renowned for its on-time delivery of its services.

3. The organizational structure is quite simple, which implies it can easily be reformed and maintained.


1. Costly mistakes -- In recent periods, the company has been experiencing costly mistakes in its operations

2. Worn personnel -- The company's weakness is also perceived in its personnel who are worn-out and stressed

3. Confusion of roles -- Another weakness is the fact that there is a great deal of confusion amongst the roles in the company, which is a lack of efficiency.


1. Transition of the company -- Express-Link is transitioning from a small size to medium sized company.

2. Defining roles -- With its growth and becoming bigger, the company has the opportunity to define its roles and responsibilities within the company


1. Pressure -- There is pressure within the company and from competitors

2. Loss in Revenue -- The constant loss in revenue is a massive threat for the company's growth

3. Loss of major clients -- With the company losing its major and important clients, it faces a great threat for its sustenance

External Analysis

PESTEL Analysis

PEST analysis also referred to as PESTEL analysis is an ellipsis that consists of six aspects. These include the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and the technological factors.


In the political aspect, factors like taxation strategies, trade conventions and matters pertaining to social welfare have an impact on the transportation industry. A political factor that might adversely impact the company's business is other nations insisting on the local companies to be used and therefore taxing international companies such as Express-Link high rates in order to protect their local industries. However, with the increase in globalization and trade agreements between nations, this aspect is becoming less and less of an issue in the contemporary.


For starters, there are substantial short-term and medium risks that are still existent in the prevailing economic setting. This can adversely influence the company on a global marketing and sales perspective. Another conceivable economic factor would be the ban on exporting products globally. The inflation rate has had a great impact on the operations and activities of the company. The inflation rate that has increased in Europe has had a substantial influence of the profit margins of the company. In addition, the machinery used by the company is largely expensive and difficult to acquire and therefore can adversely impact the business if not well employed and spoilt in the process.


Express-Link's introduction and expansion of its product offerings will not necessitate any adjustments to social norms. This is because the targeted markets or consumers are already conversant with extensive transportation and freight services.


The level of technology in Australia is quite advanced and goes on to progress as time goes by. This is boosted by the high-tech machinery and transportation systems that the country has which bolsters the level of high speed connectivity all over the regions and also for the vast population. This is advantageous for Express-Link and also other companies as the industry is reliant on these two factors.


In the environmental aspect of the external analysis, Express-Link is affected by the fact there are regulations, which restrict the company to make sure that the products that are being transported and delivered by the company do not pollute the environment and do not cause any kind of hazards. In the same way, since the company is based in Australia, it is affected by the policy that forces the company to restrain themselves from causing any pollution to the nearby expanses.


It is imperative for Express-Link Couriers to ensure that the product offering complies with the legal, governing and transportation standards that have been set. In addition, the company has to be in submission with the mandates given with reference to the product.

Organization's Market, Competitors and Customer Base

The target market for the company encompasses individuals and also companies. The company offers transport and delivery services for these parties to any region. The main competitors that the company faces are the huge companies that have significantly and extensively expanded globally. Some of these competitors include DHL, UPS and FedEx. The customer base of Express-Link encompasses individuals and also small companies that require transport, delivery, freight and courier services not only across Australia, but also all over the world.

Desired Company Culture

Organizational culture also referred to as corporate culture is considered to encompass the association and affiliation between members of the organization and the manner in which they interact and interconnect with each other as they undertake their duties and roles for the organization (Stokyo, 2009). Any company's plan for expansion is considered to be part and parcel of its general growth strategy. Cultural considerations are one of the factors that are considered by firms in the process of national and global expansion. In particular, with regards to Express-Link Couriers, the company's desired culture is one that is transactional. Transactional leaders concentrate on what the company can undertake for the personnel through business practices. Transactional leaders take into account the individual and future well-being of their followers (Yildirim and Birinci, 2013).

Identify Relevant Legislations, Regulations and Codes of Practice

1. Ensure none of the consumer's products are tampered with and used in any way without their consent.

2. Being a registered business, the company is obligated to operate and function by the laws set by the Australian government for all companies.

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