Analyzing the Team Building Phenomenon Essay

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Team Building

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Self-directed teams are also referred to as self-managed teams, natural teams or semi-autonomous work groups (Silverman and Propst, 1996). In definition, a self-directed team is a team that consists of personnel who have multiple sets of skills and can also function or operate cross-wise and share accountabilities for undertaking a certain task, producing a certain product or rendering a particular service. There is great significance with regard to having self-managed teams. One of the key significances for self-directed teams include the endeavor to promote and attain customer satisfaction. Through using self-directed teams, consumer needs and feedback are obtained directly instead of being filtered by means of a supervisor (Silverman and Propst, 1996). The importance of this aspect is that members of the team gain the capability to make the most of this direct information to react and respond in a fitting manner to consumers, and as a result, incessantly increase their own learning and knowledge in time (Silverman and Propst, 1996). More so, the phase period or time, for making decisions related to the consumer right on the spot, is decreased. Another significance for self-directed teams within any organization the aspiration to encourage employee satisfaction. The potential of any human being has the prospect of being nurtured and applied to its utmost degree as members of the team are able to deal with additional roles and responsibilities. The autonomy that is contained within the team makes the most of all the talents, abilities, skills conceptions and experiences of all the team members (Silverman and Propst, 1996).

Essay on Analyzing the Team Building Phenomenon Assignment

Another significance of self-directed teams lies in the notion that it enables organizations to become more preemptive and hands-on. In essence, it frees up individuals from the supervisor roles and responsibilities that are characteristically responsive in nature and releases them up to take part in future-oriented undertakings and tasks that inspires organizational development. There is a great level of significance in self-directed teams with regard to boosting productivity… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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